Councilman Ed Smyth Appointed Deputy Supervisor

Supervisor Chad A. Lupinacci appointed Councilman Ed Smyth as Deputy Supervisor of the Town of Huntington on Monday, March 8th!

Supervisor Chad A. Lupinacci stated, “I am proud of what Councilman Smyth and I have accomplished together in three short years and we will continue to provide cost-effective, accountable government services to residents and businesses by listening to the needs of our community, taking a creative approach to problem-solving and continuing conservative budgeting practices.”

Councilman Ed Smyth said, “I am honored to be appointed Deputy Supervisor. Although largely a ceremonial position, I will assist the Supervisor to re-open Town Hall and provide improved services to our residents.”

Deputy Town Supervisor Ed Smyth

Elected to the Town Board together in November 2017, Supervisor Chad A. Lupinacci and Councilman Ed Smyth delivered on their promises to enact term limits for all Town elected officials, increase government transparency, and improve communication between the Town and residents. Lupinacci and Smyth passed various ethics reforms, including strengthening financial disclosure requirements for Town officials and employees, enhancing the independence of the Board of Ethics, and enacting revisions to personnel policies and procedures.

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2021 CANDIDATES: Smyth to lead slate as candidate for Town Supervisor

Huntington, NY – Huntington Republican Committee Chairman Thomas McNally today announced the committee’s slate of candidates for the 2021 elections.

Following the decision of Supervisor Chad Lupinacci not to seek re-election this year, the Huntington Republican Committee endorsed Councilman Ed Smyth to be its candidate for Town Supervisor.


First elected to the Town Board in 2017, Smyth has worked tirelessly to reform town government and make it more responsive to Huntington residents.  Smyth enacted term limits for town offices and stronger ethics laws, fought for important measures protecting our suburban quality-of-life from overdevelopment and held the line on property taxes.

“Ed Smyth is a Marine, a husband and father and a lifelong Huntington resident,” said Chairman Thomas McNally.  “He has a vision for the future of our town and he exudes leadership.  There’s not a better or more qualified person to be Huntington’s next Town Supervisor.”

“I want to thank Chairman McNally and the Huntington Republican Committee for placing their trust in me to lead our town,” said Councilman Ed Smyth.  “We’ve experienced tremendous success over the last three years and I look forward to building on these achievements as Town Supervisor.”

In addition, the Huntington Republican Committee nominated Dr. David Bennardo and Salvatore Ferro for two open Town Council seats, Andre Sorrentino for Superintendent of Highways and Suffolk County Legislative candidates Stephanie Bontempi (18th District), Manuel Esteban, Sr. (16th District), Legislator Robert Trotta (13th District), and Stephen Becker (17th District).

“We have an extraordinary team of talented professionals who are committed to making our town a better place to live,” McNally said.  “We know that our team, our party and our town are all stronger when we work together.  That’s the approach we’re going to take to win in November and it’s going to help us continue the progress we’ve made over the last three years to protect property taxpayers and encourage responsible economic growth.”

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Independent Investigator Clears Lupinacci of Any Wrongdoing

Huntington, NY – Huntington Republican Committee Chairman Thomas McNally released a statement on the independent investigation clearing Supervisor Chad Lupinacci’s name in a report released by the Town of Huntington on February 12:

“The Town of Huntington released a report today clearing Supervisor Chad Lupinacci of any wrongdoing.”

“Looking past the heavy redactions, it appears Councilwoman Joan Cergol used her position on the Town Board to instigate the investigation against a political adversary based on a fourth-hand rumor without a shred of evidence.  Every person involved in the alleged behavior denied the events ever occurred, including the supposed “victim.” No complaint was ever filed yet a year-long investigation into a rumor followed.

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2021 Winter Coat Drive

Stop Keith Brown's Opponent: Promises Leftist Activists He'll Be "Most Progressive" Member of Assembly

😡Here is Keith Brown's opponent, PROMISING a group of Leftist activists that he would be "THE MOST progressive member of the NYS Assembly" if elected!!😡 You may have noticed our opponent's lawn signs, they look like a real dictator-style Russian collusion of his face plastered over and desecrating an American flag. We don't need more power-hungry Leftists and their progressive socialist policies coming out of Albany!!

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