The Republican Party will remain a strong and vibrant voice for lowering taxes, creating and protecting local jobs, preserving and improving our quality of life, and instituting term limits and ethics reforms to promote honesty and integrity in local government.




Lower Taxes

It's no secret that we're overtaxed: our per capita state-local tax burden is the highest in the nation and the reason that young people, senior citizens, and businesses are leaving New York. By enacting tax policies that promote economic growth and keeping state and local spending under control, we can make Huntington more attractive for individuals, families and businesses. We support lowering personal income tax rates, property tax rates, and the utility surcharge.

Create & Protect Jobs

The best jobs program is economic growth, and we will continue to pursue sensible policies that energize the private sector and create more, and more good-paying, jobs. We support infrastructure projects and government reforms that will attract investment and help foster small businesses.

Institute Term Limits

Our nation's Founders strongly believed in rotation in public office; public service should call for a brief absence from a productive, private-sector life. Imposing term limits would shake-up the current political culture and help to make our elected officials more responsive to us, their constituents. We support term limits for members of the Huntington Town Board; in their first month as the Republican majority on the Town Board in January 2018, Supervisor Chad Lupinacci and Councilman Ed Smyth joined with Councilman Eugene Cook and passed his proposal to enact term limits for all Huntington Town elected officials, consisting of three 4-year terms.

Improve Quality of Life

We all appreciate that we live in the most beautiful town in the nation, and we will work hard to preserve and improve our quality of life for our children and grandchildren. From investing in infrastructure and public safety to halting overcrowding and gang violence, we are committed to protecting our community.

Open & Transparent Government

A free society demands that the sun shine on all elements of government. We will continue to support policies that bring transparency and accountability to every level of government.

Ensure Quality Education

We believe that maintaining a world-class system of primary and secondary education with high standards, in which all students can reach their potential, is critically important to America’s future and the future prosperity of our community. We believe parents should be empowered to send their children to the school of their choice and that our public schools should not be held hostage by substandard Common Core requirements.


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