Watch the Video of Ed Romaine at Our Campaign Rally Held on October 21

On Saturday, October 21, we hosted Ed Romaine, Brookhaven Town Supervisor and our Republican candidate for County Executive at Huntington GOP headquarters for a rally to kick-off door-to-door campaigning spearheaded by the Huntington and Suffolk County Young Republicans.

Watch the Video of Ed Speaking

With a little over two weeks until election day. We need your support for Ed and our Huntington Town candidates.

Let us know what you can do to help by completing our volunteer form. Remember, early voting begins on October 28th. If you don’t take advantage of early voting, please be sure to come to the polls on November 7th.

Dr. Pamela Velastegui Interviewed by HuntingtonNow

Dr. Pamela Velastegui was recently interviewed by HuntingtonNow about her campaign for Huntington Receiver of Taxes. She talked about her public service experience and her platform, which emphasized technology upgrades to the office, reducing costs and making it easier to pay the taxes online or in person.

Read the article here:

Huntington Republican Committee Unanimously Elects Tom McNally to Another Term as Chairman

Huntington Town Republican Committee Chairman Tom McNally (third from left) is joined by fellow committee members after being unanimously re-elected for another term. Pictured (left to right): Brooke Lupinacci, Candidate, Huntington Town Board; Andre Sorrentino, Highway Superintendent, Town of Huntington; Theresa Mari, Candidate, Huntington Town Board; Pamela Velastegui, Candidate, Receiver of Taxes, Town of Huntington; and Ed Smyth, Supervisor, Town of Huntington. 


Dear Members of the Huntington Republican Committee,

Thank you for your continued faith and overwhelming support in unanimously re-electing myself as Chairman, along with James F. Leonick as Vice Chairman, Jonas Wagner as Treasurer and Barbara Hanna as Secretary during our recent re-organization meeting held at the Northport American Legion.

I’m proud of our record since first being elected GOP Chairman in September 2019. Since then, we have helped elect Republican candidates and orchestrated historic victories at all levels of government, including Congress, State Senate and Assembly and County-wide offices. In 2021, we swept the Town Board races, and with the Support of the county GOP Chairman Jesse Garcia, we regained control of the Suffolk County Legislative, winning 3 of out of 4 local county legislative seats and provided critical majorities to elect the first Suffolk County District attorney in 20 years.

I am very proud of the slate of candidates that we have running for office this year. We are working hard to get Ed Romaine elected as Suffolk County Executive and to win all of our Town and County races. Over 120 Huntington Republican Committee people were involved in the screening and selection process of our candidates to ensure that we put forward the most qualified candidates possible.

With everyone’s hard work and continued support, we will bring the Republican team across the finish line to victory on November 7 to ensure that we keep both the Town of Huntington and Suffolk County beautiful and safe places to raise our families, earn a living and enjoy an amazing quality of life.”

Tom McNally, Chairman
Huntington Republican Committee

Statement from the Huntington Republican Committee Regarding the Accessory Apartment Proposal

In an historic town wide election on November 2, 2021, Huntington overwhelmingly elected our Republican slate including Supervisor Ed Smyth and Town Board Members Sal Ferro and Dr. Dave Bennardo. A fundamental component of our platform was to ensure that the preservation of Huntington’s suburban quality of life was to be a top priority of the administration. I am writing today to reassure you that the Huntington Republican Committee, and all our elected officials and candidates, are strongly committed to that foundational belief and that we will continue to work together with you to ensure that Huntington remains the most beautiful and safe place in New York State to live, work and raise our families. 

Many of you have reached out to express your views on the June 13th Town Board Public Hearing on a proposal to allow basement and garage units as accessory apartments. To be clear, there was no vote taken on the proposal. The purpose of the hearing was to allow you to voice your opinions on the proposal to the Town Board.  Many citizens spoke at the hearing, some waiting in line for a long time so that their voice could be heard.  After a lengthy hearing where both sides were given the opportunity to express their views, it was very apparent that the proposal was unacceptable to a vast majority of the community.  We heard you loud and clear.

The Huntington Republican Committee and our Candidates for Town Board, Theresa Mari and Brooke Lupinacci, believe that the current proposal is not the appropriate solution for providing additional housing opportunities to the Huntington community.  When Theresa and Brooke are elected on November 7, 2023, they will work with our Republican majority to fashion a safe and sustainable housing policy that provides diverse housing options for Huntington. 

We thank you for your continued support of the Huntington Republican Committee as we remain focused on recruiting and electing the most qualified candidates to maintain a Republican majority and keep Huntington a safe, affordable place to live, raise our families and earn a living.

Huntington Republican Committee Will Accept Retired American Flags from May 15 to July 1

Huntington Town Republican Committee Chairman Tom McNally is pictured placing a worn American flag in the Huntington GOP Committee’s drop-off bin.

Huntington Town Republican Committee Chairman Tom McNally is pictured placing a worn American flag in the Huntington GOP Committee’s drop-off bin.



The Huntington Republican Committee is inviting town residents to bring their retired American flags to the Huntington GOP office, located at 690 New York Avenue in Huntington. Flags will be collected from May 15 to July 1.


Flags that have been worn-out, frayed, torn or soiled can be placed in a dropoff bin at the Huntington GOP office, where it will be properly retired. According to the U.S. Flag Code, when the flag is “in such condition that it is no longer a fitting emblem for display,” it is recommended that the flag be “destroyed in a dignified way, preferably by burning.”


With Memorial Day, Flag Day and July 4th approaching, many are proudly displaying their flags and, in many cases, replacing their old flags. It’s an ideal time of the year to collect and properly retire any worn flags.


“We encourage residents to drop off their American flags that can no longer be considered fit for display,” said Tom McNally, Chairman, Huntington Republican Committee. “We will personally see to it that these flags will be retired in a proper and respectful manner.”