Huntington GOP Chairman Calls on NYS Legislature to Reject Governor’s Plan to End Single-Family Zoning

Huntington GOP Chairman Calls on NYS Legislature to Reject Governor’s Plan to End Single-Family Zoning

Huntington Republican Committee Chairman Thomas McNally today called on the State Legislature to reject Governor Kathy Hochul’s proposal to overrule local zoning and require municipalities to permit accessory dwelling units, like basement and attic apartments, in areas zoned for single family housing. Hochul’s plan would also compel local governments to change policies, like on-street parking restrictions, needed to implement this policy.

“Governor Hochul is continuing the Democratic Party’s war on the suburbs,” said Chairman McNally.  “For generations, single family zoning has been the foundation of the suburban quality of life that has made Huntington and other Long Island towns a destination for families.  The governor’s plan will end that, overcrowding our streets and our schools, and forever changing our communities.”

Hochul’s plan is the continuation of a broader national movement within the Democratic Party that led Governor Gavin Newsom to the abolish most single family zoning in California and the Biden Administration to attempt to implement this policy nationwide.  In fact, Democratic Socialist Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez required candidates to pledge their support to end single family zoning to earn the endorsement of her political action committee.

“Unfortunately, the Democratic Party’s push to end the single family zone policies is just their most recent attempt to undermine our suburban quality of life,” said Chairman McNally.  “From ending cash bail for dangerous criminals to shutting down our schools and small businesses during the pandemic, the Democratic Party’s agenda has targeted public safety, education, jobs and the things that matter most to us on Long Island.”

“Long Island Democrats in the State Senate like James Gaughran have a responsibility to prevent Governor Hochul from using the state budget process to pass damaging policies like this,” concluded Chairman McNally.  “This isn’t a partisan issue.  It’s about the survival of our suburban communities and the future of Long Island.”



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