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Join Us in Celebrating Former Chairman, Town's First Woman Supervisor Toni Tepe

When 6 days to go June 27, 2021 at 12:00pm 1 hr

Join the Huntington Republican Committee, the Town of Huntington, the Tepe family, the Dix Hills Fire Department and local officials on Sunday, June 27th at 12:00 PM at Dix Hills Park, 575 Vanderbilt Parkway, Dix Hills, NY for a dedication ceremony officially renaming the park after our former Chairman and Huntington's first and only woman Town Supervisor, Antonia "Toni" P. Rettaliata-Tepe and her beloved husband, Dix Hills Fire Department Commissioner and Ex-Chief Philip H. Tepe.

We lost Toni and Phil just weeks apart in the Spring of 2020. The Town of Huntington recognized these dedicated public servants by renaming Dix Hills Park after Toni and Phil on what would have been Toni's 76th birthday last year, at the October 20th, 2020 Town Board meeting.

Yes, the Town of Huntington's First Woman Town Supervisor was a Republican!

Toni Rettaliata-Tepe was a trailblazing public servant, first elected under her former married name, Rettaliata, to represent the 10th Assembly District in the New York State Assembly from 1979-1987, and she was only the third woman to hold that seat in the tradition of Huntington suffragette Ida Bunce Sammis, who was the first woman elected to serve in the State Legislature.

Assemblywoman Toni Rettaliata notably secured the first $31,000 in funding that allowed former Town Clerk Jo-Ann Raia to build the award-winning and history-making Huntington Town Clerk’s Archives and Records Center.

Elected as Toni Rettaliata in 1987 as the first woman to hold the office of Supervisor of the Town of Huntington when the term of office was only two years, Toni’s noteworthy accomplishments included establishing the Town of Huntington Veterans Advisory Board, on which her beloved Phil later served, and the Huntington Area Rapid Transit “HART” bus system.

Philip H. Tepe was an American patriot with decades of service to his country and community as a Vietnam Veteran, Commander of the Veterans of Foreign Wars Nathan Hale Post 1469, and a member of the Town of Huntington Veterans Advisory Board. Phil Tepe was Commissioner of the Dix Hills Fire District, of which he was an ex-Chief, Badge #207 and 52-year member of Engine Company 2 and served as a Suffolk County Deputy Fire Coordinator and a Town of Huntington Fire Marshal.

Will you come?

Chairman Tom McNally's Inaugural Golf Outing

When 28 days to go July 19, 2021 at 10:00am 9 hrs

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Event, Players Cup, Cocktail & Lunch Sponsors please pay by check and RSVP with [email protected] or 631-549-6800

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RSVP to (631) 549-6800 or [email protected] and please make checks payable to:
Huntington Republican Campaign Committee, 690 New York Ave., Huntington, NY 11743

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A 2021 Campaign Call-to-Action from Huntington GOP Chairman Tom McNally

Thomas McNally Thomas McNally | May 19, 2021

Dear fellow Huntington Republicans,

We have a tremendous slate of candidates we have running for Town and County office this year and report that we filed more than 1,000 petition signatures qualifying them to be on the ballot.

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Lawless Suffolk Democrat Thrown Off Ballot After Flouting Term Limits Law

Thomas McNally Thomas McNally | April 27, 2021

On Monday, April 26, a New York Supreme Court ruling declared Suffolk County Democrat Kate Browning’s candidacy fraudulent and unlawful, citing an existing Suffolk County term limits law in striking her from the ballot.

Suffolk GOP Chairman Jesse Garcia issued a statement on the ruling:

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Councilman Ed Smyth Appointed Deputy Supervisor

Site Admin Site Admin | March 08, 2021

Supervisor Chad A. Lupinacci appointed Councilman Ed Smyth as Deputy Supervisor of the Town of Huntington on Monday, March 8th!

Supervisor Chad A. Lupinacci stated, “I am proud of what Councilman Smyth and I have accomplished together in three short years and we will continue to provide cost-effective, accountable government services to residents and businesses by listening to the needs of our community, taking a creative approach to problem-solving and continuing conservative budgeting practices.”

Councilman Ed Smyth said, “I am honored to be appointed Deputy Supervisor. Although largely a ceremonial position, I will assist the Supervisor to re-open Town Hall and provide improved services to our residents.”

Deputy Town Supervisor Ed Smyth

Elected to the Town Board together in November 2017, Supervisor Chad A. Lupinacci and Councilman Ed Smyth delivered on their promises to enact term limits for all Town elected officials, increase government transparency, and improve communication between the Town and residents. Lupinacci and Smyth passed various ethics reforms, including strengthening financial disclosure requirements for Town officials and employees, enhancing the independence of the Board of Ethics, and enacting revisions to personnel policies and procedures.

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2021 CANDIDATES: Smyth to lead slate as candidate for Town Supervisor

Site Admin Site Admin | February 27, 2021

Huntington, NY – Huntington Republican Committee Chairman Thomas McNally today announced the committee’s slate of candidates for the 2021 elections.

Following the decision of Supervisor Chad Lupinacci not to seek re-election this year, the Huntington Republican Committee endorsed Councilman Ed Smyth to be its candidate for Town Supervisor.


First elected to the Town Board in 2017, Smyth has worked tirelessly to reform town government and make it more responsive to Huntington residents.  Smyth enacted term limits for town offices and stronger ethics laws, fought for important measures protecting our suburban quality-of-life from overdevelopment and held the line on property taxes.

“Ed Smyth is a Marine, a husband and father and a lifelong Huntington resident,” said Chairman Thomas McNally.  “He has a vision for the future of our town and he exudes leadership.  There’s not a better or more qualified person to be Huntington’s next Town Supervisor.”

“I want to thank Chairman McNally and the Huntington Republican Committee for placing their trust in me to lead our town,” said Councilman Ed Smyth.  “We’ve experienced tremendous success over the last three years and I look forward to building on these achievements as Town Supervisor.”

In addition, the Huntington Republican Committee nominated Dr. David Bennardo and Salvatore Ferro for two open Town Council seats, Andre Sorrentino for Superintendent of Highways and Suffolk County Legislative candidates Stephanie Bontempi (18th District), Manuel Esteban, Sr. (16th District), Legislator Robert Trotta (13th District), and Stephen Becker (17th District).

“We have an extraordinary team of talented professionals who are committed to making our town a better place to live,” McNally said.  “We know that our team, our party and our town are all stronger when we work together.  That’s the approach we’re going to take to win in November and it’s going to help us continue the progress we’ve made over the last three years to protect property taxpayers and encourage responsible economic growth.”

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2021 Winter Coat Drive

Thomas McNally Thomas McNally | January 17, 2021

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Huntington Republican Committee Elects New Chairman Tom McNally

Site Admin Site Admin | September 23, 2020

Congratulations to Centerport resident and new Huntington Republican Committee Chairman Thomas M. McNally!

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Lazy Susan Berland Refuses to Show Up to Work

Site Admin Site Admin | October 12, 2019

The very least our elected officials can do is show up when they vote to make the decisions that affect our lives. Lazy Susan Berland can't even do that.

After the Suffolk County Legislature’s five-week summer recess in August 2019, Lazy Susan Berland refused to leave her second home in Key West, Florida to attend Legislative Committee meetings in person.

Instead, Lazy Susan demanded that the Legislature change its rules and spend $40,000 of taxpayer money on technological upgrades to help her avoid returning to New York to do her job – she preferred to Skype in from Key West! Many of her colleagues publicly denounced her obnoxious self-serving demands – Lazy Susan even fought publicly with Democrat Majority Leader and Presiding Officer, Legislator DuWayne Gregory.

Asked why she can't return during her vacation for committee meetings, Berland said: "We don't go away the rest of the year." - Newsday

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Cergol Puts Party Politics Ahead of Public Good

Site Admin Site Admin | March 06, 2019

At the March 2019 Town Board meeting, Joan Cergol put politics over the good and the needs of the Town of Huntington (while Kevin Orelli slept):

At yesterday's Town Board meeting, Joan Cergol voted against $650,000 in critical infrastructure funding for the Town's General Services Department – money that was needed for crucial equipment that would be utilized for snow removal from commuter lots, parks upkeep, building maintenance, dead tree removal and more. Why? Because the General Services Department is headed by her 2019 Town Council opponent Andre Sorrentino. Heaven forbid that the General Services Department keeps making Huntington shine.

Perhaps Cergol has been alarmed by the praise Andre Sorrentino has received by members of the opposition Democrat Party for his leadership in beautifying and cleaning up Huntington Station and the Huntington Village Green. Good results could hurt Cergol’s chances for re-election so she decided to ignore the needs of the Town for political gain. Shame on you, Joan Cergol.

Under Andre Sorrentino's leadership, this bridge on the playground at Huntington Station's Depot Road Park was replaced. Prior to Andre's joining Town leadership as the head of the General Services Department, this playground bridge had been broken and closed for two years.

Under Andre Sorrentino's leadership, this bridge on the playground at Huntington Station's Depot Road Park was replaced. Prior to Andre's joining Town leadership as the head of the General Services Department, this playground bridge had been broken and closed for two years.

Andre Sorrentino's team removing long-dead trees to ensure Huntington Village is safe for pedestrians and drivers.Andre Sorrentino's team removing long-dead trees to ensure Huntington Village is safe for pedestrians and drivers.

Andre Sorrentino has received much praise for his beautification efforts on the Village Green!

Andre Sorrentino has received much praise for his beautification efforts on the Village Green!

Andre Sorrentino has received much praise for his beautification efforts on the Village Green!

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HuffPost: Suozzi Won't Stick Up for District

Michael Adam Michael Adam | January 12, 2019

File this under "You Can't Make This Up" -- even the liberal Huffington Post is attacking Congressman Tom Suozzi for his failure to stand up for the Town of Huntington in the infamous LIPA lawsuit. Suozzi's failure to act, or even speak up on the matter, could lead to an "economic death spiral" that could decimate our town.

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Michael Adam


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ETHICALLY CHALLENGED: Cergol Votes NO on Term Limits After Taking $45,965 Payout of Taxpayer Dollars

Site Admin Site Admin | October 22, 2018

Joan Cergol cashed out $45,965 taxpayer dollars when appointed to her third unelected government job in sixteen years -- and then she voted NO to enacting term limits! Cergol took that $45,965 payout -- meant to be taken by employees leaving the Town payroll -- while she still sits on the government dole.

On the Town website, the Community Development Agency's 2017 Financials with Independent Auditor's Reports, which reports on the financial status of the CDA as of December 31, 2017, references "an increase to accrued liabilities related to accrued sick and vacation time to be paid to the former director" on numbered page 4. That pretty much sums it up. On numbered page 6 (2017 column, “Accrued liabilities: $45,965”) it shows the $45,965 amount of the payout Cergol took of unused sick and vacation time, even though this practice is meant for people leaving Town employment, not people staying on the Town payroll, as she did as an appointed, unelected member of the Town Board.


As a 16-year unelected bureaucrat, Town employment has been very lucrative for Cergol, aside from her premature cashing in on $45,965 in unused sick and vacation time. According to, Cergol's yearly pay on the government dole averaged at $121,914 for the past 7 years, totalling $851,328, all the while the agency she was responsible for incurred $1 million dollars of debt to Huntington's taxpayers under her management of questionable business practices. Public salary information for Cergol's years of Town employment from 2002-2010 was not published on Newsday, which only maintains records as far back as 2011.


But there's more!

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Wrong Direction: Cergol Leaves CDA $1 Million in Debt to Taxpayers

Site Admin Site Admin | October 17, 2018

Joan Cergol is an unelected career bureaucrat who left the Town of Huntington Community Development Agency (CDA) $1 million dollars in debt to the taxpayers of Huntington when she resigned last year after the outgoing Democrat Town Board, led by former 24-year Supervisor Frank Petrone, appointed Cergol as an unelected Democrat member of the Town Board at their final meeting of 2017, in total defiance of Huntington's voters, who rejected the Democrats' policies when they voted for Chad Lupinacci, Ed Smyth and a New Direction!

Cergol's mismanagement of the CDA (in the appointed, unelected position she held from January 2013 through the final Town Board meeting of 2017) is evidenced by a review of the independent auditor's reports for 2017201620152014, -- mysteriously the financials for her first year at the CDA (2013) are missing from the CDA reports but if you look to the 2012 Financials (for the time period ending December 31, 2012, just days before Cergol was appointed to the CDA by former Supervisor Frank Petrone and the Democrat-majority Town Board), you can see: every year the CDA was under Cergol's management, the agency went deeper and deeper into debt on the taxpayer dime.

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Gillibrand Cozies Up to Radical Left

Site Admin Site Admin | June 29, 2018

Kirsten Gillibrand’s continual flip-flopping on immigration positions is downright comical at this point.

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Town Hall Update: Lupinacci, Smyth Bring Town Board to the People

Site Admin Site Admin | June 02, 2018
The Huntington Town Board held its first meeting on the road at Elwood Middle School on the evening of Thursday, May 17.
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Town Hall Update: Huntington Town Board Makes Cold War Veterans Tax Exemption Permanent, Dedicates “Scott J. Beigel Way”

Site Admin Site Admin | March 23, 2018

At its March 20th meeting, the Huntington Town Board voted to permanently extend the Cold War Veterans Tax Exemption, dedicated Hart Place in Dix Hills as “Scott J. Beigel Way,” and scheduled public hearings on a development project proposed for the property located on the northeast corner of Jericho Turnpike and Manor Road, among other items on the agenda.

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Republican Majority Enacts Term Limits

Site Admin Site Admin | January 25, 2018

The Huntington Town Board voted this week to enact term limits for all local elected officials, fulfilling a key campaign promise by Republican Supervisor Chad Lupinacci and Republican Councilman Ed Smyth.

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Lupinacci Wins Huntington Supervisor Race

Site Admin Site Admin | November 09, 2017

The next Huntington supervisor is Chad Lupinacci.

Lupinacci, a Republican and current state assemblyman, earned 26,481 votes Tuesday to defeat Democrat and current Huntington Councilwoman Tracey Edwards, who earned 21,575 votes. A third candidate in the race, Michael Raspantini, earned 1,076 votes.

Lupinacci, 38, of Melville, watched the results roll in Tuesday night at a packed Nathan Hale VFW Post 1469 in Huntington Station. There, he said, that based on “the feedback we were hearing today, whether at the supermarkets or on the phones, we knew Huntington was ready for a new direction.”


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Democrat Corruption in the Town of Huntington: A Dumpster Full of ONLY Republican Lawn Signs

Site Admin Site Admin | October 28, 2017


This photo was taken today, October 28, 2017, at the Town of Huntington recycling facility. Republican or Democrat nobody wants a government using its resources to try to rig an election. The Town of Huntington has had a policy for decades that when political signs were placed on public roadways they would be picked up by town employees who would bring them to the Town Recycling Plant. Once there the candidates could come and pick up their signs that had been collected.

This year the Democrats (and more particularly Tracey Edwards) have used taxpayer dollars to purposely pick up Republican signs and leave Democrat signs alone. A town vehicle was witnessed stopping along Pulaski Road and picking up Chad Lupinacci signs and leaving Tracey Edwards signs in place. Given that Tracey Edwards has numerous family members working for the town in the department responsible for picking up the signs this is not surprising.

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Legislator Rob Trotta: Stop the Fee-Asco

Site Admin Site Admin | August 16, 2017

Suffolk County Legislator Rob Trotta (R-Fort Salonga) published the attached Letter To The Editor of The Huntingtonian this week. Trotta continues to demonstrate his leadership in the chamber and his dedication to protecting Suffolk taxpayers!

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Tom Suozzi's Shameful Anti-Veteran Votes

Site Admin Site Admin | July 26, 2017

Tom Suozzi’s shameful anti-veteran votes continue to pile up as he perfects "Washington double-speak."

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Poll: Half of New Yorkers Would Vote Against Cuomo in 2018

Michael Adam Michael Adam | June 07, 2016

Nearly half of New York state voters -- 49% -- would consider voting for “someone else” other than Gov. Cuomo in 2018, according to a new Siena College poll released today.

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Michael Adam


Data @GOP. Breakfast Enthusiast. Wannabe Sommelier. Not tired of winning. #EDSFTG
#Huntington Republicans are fighting to make local government more efficient & accessible. Join the team!
#Huntington Republicans are fighting to make local government more efficient & accessible. Join the team!