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Victory for LaLota! We did it -- THANK YOU.

Thomas McNally Thomas McNally | August 25, 2022

Nick LaLota Wins the Republican Congressional Primary!

Huntington GOP HQ on Tuesday with Councilman Sal Ferro, Highway Superintendent Andre Sorrentino, Chairman Tom McNally, Legislator Manny Esteban, Supervisor Ed Smyth and volunteers

At approximately 10:30 PM Tuesday night, I stood next to Suffolk County Republican Party Chairman Jesse Garcia as he took to the mic to announce that Nick LaLota won the Republican Congressional Primary!

Victorious Republican Nominee Nick LaLota addresses crowd surrounding by family and Huntington GOP Chairman Tom McNally, Smithtown GOP Chairman Bill Ellis, Suffolk GOP Chairman Jesse Garcia and Suffolk Conservative Party Chairman Mike Torres

Victorious Republican Nominee Nick LaLota addresses crowd with his family, Supervisor Ed Smyth and Suffolk Conservative Party Chairman Mike Torres looking on

Our Party's officially endorsed candidate for Congress, Navy Veteran Nick LaLota, will rightfully take his place on both the Republican Party and Conservative Party ballot lines this November.

Huntington GOP Chairman Tom McNally, Suffolk GOP Chairman Jesse Garcia, Suffolk County Legislature Presiding Officer Kevin McCaffrey, and Huntington GOP Vice Chairman Jim Leonick Celebrate Nick LaLota's Win

We do not take this victory lightly -- it is because of you and the dedicated supporters of the Huntington Republican Committee, working around the clock, evenings, weekends, through the oppressive heat, and battling flash floods during our Get Out The Vote effort on Primary Day -- that we won this together!

Here is a victory message from our official Republican and Conservative candidate for Congress, Nick LaLota:

"Thank you voters of Suffolk County for placing your trust in me. Tonight we celebrate a primary win against $3 million in outside special interests. Tomorrow, we fight for our community and country against a liberal rubber stamp for Biden-Pelosi agenda. Together, we’ll stand up for hard-working Long Island families, hit so hard by their tax-and-spend agenda, and always put #LongIslandFirst"

With your help over the next 11 weeks, we'll send Nick to Washington, D.C. and FIRE NANCY PELOSI.

Thank YOU!!!

Tom McNally

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Local Republicans Back Nick LaLota -- And Here's Why You Should Too

Thomas McNally Thomas McNally | August 17, 2022

There is a reason why Navy Veteran Nick LaLota is the only Congressional candidate trusted and endorsed by both the Republican and Conservative Parties as well as over 45 local Republican officials on Long Island: he's one of us -- a lifelong Long Islander, lifelong conservative Republican, and we've worked alongside Nick for years electing Republicans and protecting election integrity together.

Please vote for Nick LaLota in the August 23rd Republican Congressional Primary at your regular polling place or vote early until August 21st.

Read the endorsements from our County and State leaders as well as Huntington's own Supervisor Ed Smyth, Senator Mario Mattera, Assemblyman Keith Brown, Legislator Rob Trotta, Legislator Stephanie Bontempi, Legislator Manny Esteban. County Comptroller John Kennedy, Town Clerk Andrew Raia, Councilman Dr. Dave Bennardo, Councilman Sal Ferro, Huntington Highway Superintendent Andre Sorrentino and more trusted local Republican officials:


Huntington Town Supervisor Ed Smyth: 

"A fellow veteran who has also served in local public office, I know Nick learned in the Navy the same lessons on leadership and discipline that I gained in the Marines. Nick has the courage, experience and drive to deliver on his promises and fight to bring our federal tax dollars back to Long Island to improve our roads, infrastructure, and public safety."

Huntington Town Clerk Andrew Raia: 

"I've known Nick for many years and have worked with him closely in Albany as a former State Assemblyman. I know he will make an excellent representative and fight for Long Island's needs in Washington. Nick has a long-standing track record of service for Long Island. He’s fought for sensible tax cuts and supported law enforcement for years. He served abroad and at home, and we need his experience and hard work in Congress."

Huntington Councilman Dr. Dave Bennardo:

"Nick LaLota is a true patriot who served our country with distinction and will now bring that same character and tenacity to Congress. Nick is the man who possesses both the work ethic and integrity needed in Washington and we look forward to watching him represent the 1st Congressional District."

Huntington Councilman Sal Ferro:

"We can trust Nick LaLota to fight for working people and promote policies that will get wages rising again, bringing jobs and financial stability back to Long Island."

Huntington Highway Superintendent Andre Sorrentino:

"I back Nick LaLota 100%. Nick worked with local Fire Officials to start a Village Fire Marshal program, he increased funding for EMTs, police officers and life-saving equipment, and he started his Village's first major road paving project in 20 years while staying under the Tax Cap. Nick will fight to fund our roads and keep our community safe -- and his record proves it."

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Would-Be Assassin Released After Zeldin Attack! Republican Candidates Respond

Thomas McNally Thomas McNally | July 23, 2022

On Thursday night, Republican Governor candidate and Congressman Lee Zeldin was attacked by a knife-wielding thug at a campaign rally in upstate New York after Kathy Hochul released his campaign schedule to the public! 

Congressman Zeldin predicted that the attacker would be released under New York's Bail Laws the night of the attack:

"His words as he tried to stab me a few hours ago were 'you’re done,' but several attendees, including my running mate Alison Esposito, quickly jumped into action and tackled the guy.

"Law enforcement was on the scene within minutes. The attacker though will likely be instantly released under New York’s soft on crime laws."

Republican candidates Nick LaLota, Senator Mario Mattera, Assemblyman Keith Brown and Aamir Sultan have responded to the assassination attempt,condemning the Democrats' disastrous cashless bail law that put the attacker back on the streets on Friday --


Nick LaLota, our official Republican and Conservative Party-endorsed candidate for Congress, stated on Friday:

"Last night my good friend Lee Zeldin was attacked by a mad man with a knife. There are photos. There’s even video.

"But under NY Dems’ Bail Reform laws, this lunatic is REQUIRED to be back on the street this morning. Unlike almost every other state, a New York Judge cannot take a defendant’s danger to society into account when deciding whether or not to hold him until a future hearing or trial.

"Like Lee says, this year is New York’s final stand. NY Dems have crushed our economy, trampled on our freedoms and placed our safety into peril. Want change? Vote for the Republican-Conservative candidates who will restore New York as the Empire State."

On Thursday night, immediately after the attack, Nick posted:

"Our Governor candidate is an Army Lieutenant Colonel who deployed to a combat zone. Our Lt. Governor candidate is a recently retired NYPD Deputy Inspector who went hand to hand with some of NYC’s nastiest thugs. New Yorkers should be confident that not even threats to their own personal safety will deter Lee Zeldin and Alison Esposito from leading New York in a new and better direction!"

Nick LaLota faces a challenge from two Democrats in the August 23 Congressional Republican Primary Election and needs your vote!


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Surrounded by Elected Officials, Tom McNally Unanimously Re-Elected as Huntington GOP Chair, New Officers Elected

Huntington Republicans Huntington Republicans | July 07, 2022

Huntington, NY – Huntington Republican Party Chairman Thomas McNally was unanimously re-elected at the Committee’s reorganizational meeting held at the Huntington American Legion Post 360 in Halesite on Wednesday, July 6.


“It is a humbling honor to have your support and be re-elected to serve as your leader,” said Chairman Tom McNally to a crowded room of committee members, including Town Supervisor Ed Smyth, Councilman Dr. Dave Bennardo, Councilman Sal Ferro, Town Clerk Andrew Raia, Highway Superintendent Andre Sorrentino, County Legislator Stephanie Bontempi, County Legislator Manny Esteban, former Town Clerk Jo-Ann Raia and retired Suffolk County Supreme Court Judge Jerry Asher.


Tom McNally; Congressman Lee Zeldin; Jim Leonick at a Zeldin for Governor event in May 2022
Chairman Tom McNally, Congressman Lee Zeldin, and future Vice Chairman Jim Leonick at a Zeldin for Governor event in May 2022.


Chairman Tom McNally was first elected at a special meeting held in September 2020 to fill the vacancy created by the death of former Chairman Toni Tepe. Taking on the role of Huntington Republican Party leader six weeks before Election Day 2020, Chairman McNally presided over two General Elections giving the Huntington Republicans their largest victories in decades, starting with the election of State Senator Mario Mattera (SD2) and Assemblyman Keith Brown (AD12) in 2020.


Chairman McNally then began to deliver on his promise to expand the ranks of the Huntington Republican Committee with a “big tent” philosophy, doing outreach to grow the party and recruit supporters of diverse backgrounds while undertaking the next election cycle, which brought unprecedented gains in November 2021.

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Huntington Republicans


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Huntington GOP Chairman Calls on NYS Legislature to Reject Governor’s Plan to End Single-Family Zoning

Thomas McNally Thomas McNally | February 10, 2022

Huntington Republican Committee Chairman Thomas McNally today called on the State Legislature to reject Governor Kathy Hochul’s proposal to overrule local zoning and require municipalities to permit accessory dwelling units, like basement and attic apartments, in areas zoned for single family housing. Hochul’s plan would also compel local governments to change policies, like on-street parking restrictions, needed to implement this policy.

“Governor Hochul is continuing the Democratic Party’s war on the suburbs,” said Chairman McNally.  “For generations, single family zoning has been the foundation of the suburban quality of life that has made Huntington and other Long Island towns a destination for families.  The governor’s plan will end that, overcrowding our streets and our schools, and forever changing our communities.”

Hochul’s plan is the continuation of a broader national movement within the Democratic Party that led Governor Gavin Newsom to the abolish most single family zoning in California and the Biden Administration to attempt to implement this policy nationwide.  In fact, Democratic Socialist Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez required candidates to pledge their support to end single family zoning to earn the endorsement of her political action committee.

“Unfortunately, the Democratic Party’s push to end the single family zone policies is just their most recent attempt to undermine our suburban quality of life,” said Chairman McNally.  “From ending cash bail for dangerous criminals to shutting down our schools and small businesses during the pandemic, the Democratic Party’s agenda has targeted public safety, education, jobs and the things that matter most to us on Long Island.”

“Long Island Democrats in the State Senate like James Gaughran have a responsibility to prevent Governor Hochul from using the state budget process to pass damaging policies like this,” concluded Chairman McNally.  “This isn’t a partisan issue.  It’s about the survival of our suburban communities and the future of Long Island.”


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A 2021 Victory Message from Huntington Republican Party Chairman Tom McNally

Thomas McNally Thomas McNally | November 07, 2021

Record turnout on Election Day 2021 ushered in an historic victory for Huntington taxpayers and families.

Supervisor-elect Ed Smyth is a leader who has worked to improve public safety, end unchecked overdevelopment, and improve critical infrastructure while holding the line on property taxes. With his new partners on the Town Board, Councilmen-elect Dr. Dave Bennardo and Sal Ferro, Ed Smyth will ensure that protecting our suburban quality of life is the top priority for town government.

Huntington voters also made a tremendous choice by electing Andre Sorrentino as our new Highway Superintendent. Andre will bring experience and an extraordinary ability to achieve results to the Highway Department.

A huge red wave swept both Huntington and Suffolk County in 2021.

Voters resoundingly elected Ray Tierney as Suffolk's new District Attorney with a clear mandate to seek out and end county corruption. For the first time in 16 years, we flipped control of the Suffolk County Legislature to a Republican majority – another game-changer for taxpayers on Long Island.

Legislator Rob Trotta held on to his seat in the 13th District, Stephanie Bontempi turned a blue seat red as our new County Legislator in the 18th District, and while absentee ballots have yet to be counted, Manny Esteban has appeared to have flipped the 16th District red!

Voters resoundingly rejected the Democratic propositions that would have:

  1. weakened independent redistricting and allowed Democrat gerrymandering,
  2. allowed same day voter registration, inviting election fraud and abuse, and
  3. allowed no excuse absentee voting and ballot harvesting.

Every single one of our candidates fought hard for the team and put their best into the campaign, along with our dedicated Committee Members and volunteers – this was an extraordinary team effort. We proved on Election Day that we are Stronger Together.

As the Huntington Republican Party Chairman, I am proud of our success on Election Day and I’m extremely optimistic for the future of our town.


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A Closing Message from Ed Smyth

Edmund Smyth Edmund Smyth | October 29, 2021

Dear Neighbor,

Election Day is finally here.

I’ve walked door-to-door almost every day since June and I am so grateful I did. There is no better way to take the pulse of our community than talking to residents at their front door. I am humbled by the incredible support I have received from across the political spectrum.  Not only have I learned so much from the many residents I have spoken with over the past four months, but I also lost 15 lbs.!

The recurring theme I’ve heard from you is that you choose to live in Huntington because it is a beautiful suburban town, but the over-development that has occurred is very alarming.

As a Town Councilman, I have been outspoken on my views regarding the over-development which has overwhelmed our roads, infrastructure, parking, and environment. I am not in support of watching our town turn into a little Queens. 

During my tenure as Town Councilman:

  • We enacted term limits for all politicians in Huntington. I sponsored the resolution to make the resolution process itself more transparent to both my fellow board members and the public.
  • With bipartisan support, we protected taxpayers by resolving the decades-long LIPA litigation that threatened town-wide financial ruin.
  • We voted to increase zoning requirements for apartment buildings.
  • We invested in our neglected infrastructure: storm drains, sumps, sewers, road surfaces, boat ramps, and bulkheads. These necessary improvements have a direct, positive impact on our beaches, water quality, and other natural resources.
  • I co-sponsored the resolution to create native oyster beds in our harbors which will improve water quality by filtering out contaminants.

I will replace the failed affordable housing lottery system with an affordable housing trust fund, which will benefit far more eligible residents, rather than the few lucky lottery winners.

I am unanimously endorsed by all Suffolk County law enforcement associations.  Our quality of life is facing many threats from the extreme policies coming down from Albany and from Washington, D.C.  I do not promote drama or extreme views.  To preserve our quality of life, keep our neighborhoods safe and stop massive over-development projects, it's vitally important you make sure your voice is heard this Election Day.

I am a former U.S. Marine Corps Staff Sergeant (res.) and a small business owner on Main Street.  My wife, Coriander, and I are lifelong Huntington residents.  We chose to raise our four children here and hope they return to raise their families.  Ultimately, I am one of you.  I am a husband, father, and tax-paying citizen who wants the best quality of life, safety, and opportunity for all residents in the Town of Huntington. 

I respectfully ask for your vote on Election Day, November 2nd.

Best regards,

Edmund Smyth

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Edmund Smyth


Father, husband, lawyer, pilot, superb golfer (sort of), occasional fisherman.

Don’t Let the Democrats Get Rid of America’s Suburbs! Vote Republican on Tuesday, November 2

Thomas McNally Thomas McNally | October 26, 2021

On the federal, state and local levels, Democrats are working to end single-family zoning and jeopardize our suburban quality of life.

In Washington, Joe Biden’s plan is to “force suburban towns with single-family homes and minimum lot sizes to build high-density affordable housing smack in the middle of their leafy neighborhoods — local preferences and local control be damned.”

Liberal state governments like New York and California are attacking suburban zoning laws too. In September, California “essentially abolished single-family zoning” when a new law was adopted allowing the “development of up to four residential units on single-family lots" across California. This new law has been called a “radical density experiment” that will enable developers to remake neighborhoods without community input.

In Huntington, Mark Cuthbertson, Gene Cook and the Democrats, led by Rebecca Sanin, tried to pass a law that would allow high-rise apartments to be built all across town—overcrowding our streets, overwhelming our schools and overburdening property taxpayers.

Thanks to Ed Smyth and strong community support, we stopped them—for now.




This Election Day, Tuesday, November 2, send a message and vote Republican to keep Huntington suburban--elect our official Republican candidates: Ed Smyth for Huntington Town Supervisor, Sal Ferro and Dr. Dave Bennardo for Town Board and Andre Sorrentino for Highway Superintendent. You can also vote early in-person at Dix Hills Fire Department and Huntington Station Public Library until October 31.

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Jo-Ann Raia Breaks Silence: Cuthbertson Attacks on Stephanie Bontempi "Offensive," Calls for Apology

Thomas McNally Thomas McNally | October 18, 2021

Mark Cuthbertson's false, vile attacks against Republican-Conservative candidate for County Legislator Stephanie Bontempi earned him more than a rebuke from The Long Islander's owner/publisher Jim Kelly.

Legendary former Town Clerk Jo-Ann Raia has a few choice words for Mark Cuthbertson:

"As a strong independent woman I find the attacks levied against Stephanie Bontempi by Councilman Mark Cuthbertson offensive. Inferring a woman's financial dependency on her husband is a personal attack and serves no campaign purpose. After over two decades in public office, you'd think Mark would have the ability to run on his own record rather than resort to gutter politics. Councilman Cuthbertson: You should be ashamed and apologize."

The former Town Clerk also expressed her disgust in a letter to the editor published earlier in October, as she was offended -- like many Huntington residents -- by Cuthbertson's baseless and sexist attacks on Stephanie Bontempi:

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VIDEO: Bob Bontempi Calls Out Cuthbertson for False, Disgusting & Insulting Attacks

Thomas McNally Thomas McNally | October 13, 2021

Planning Board Vice Chairman Bob Bontempi called out Councilman Mark Cuthbertson for his false, "ridiculous, disgusting, and inappropriate" attacks against him and Stephanie Bontempi, our Republican-Conservative candidate for County Legislature in the 18th District, at the October 6 Planning Board meeting.

Not only does Vice Chairman Bontempi refute the insulting attacks made by Cuthbertson and demand an apology -- not for himself, but for the Planning Board -- Bob also references some of the many examples of the Planning Board advocating for residents over developers, refuting the insulting and false attacks Cuthbertson spews in his mailings against Stephanie.

Mark Cuthbertson really has nerve to claim anyone other than himself has nefarious ties to developers. As you might remember from the July 2021 Town Board meeting, Mark Cuthbertson is "Mr. Developer," aptly named by a resident fed up with Cuthbertson's new (and ongoing) overdevelopment push.

Bontempi doesn't expect an apology from the smug Councilman Cuthbertson but he will be in the audience at tonight's Town Board meeting to accept one on behalf of the Planning Board, whose members' characters were impugned by Cuthbertson's inappropriate attacks. Join him at 7pm in the Town Board Room at Huntington Town Hall.

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Long Islander Blasts Cuthbertson for Vile, Sexist Attacks Against Stephanie Bontempi

Thomas McNally Thomas McNally | October 13, 2021

Two weeks ago, the owner and publisher of The Long Islander wrote an opinion piece in his paper blasting Mark Cuthbertson for his campaign's vile, sexist attacks on our Republican-Conservative candidate for County Legislator, Stephanie Bontempi. 

Debunking the lies career politician Mark Cuthbertson slung in Stephanie's direction, Jim Kelly writes, "I invite anyone to go on the Board of Elections [website] and look at the list of contributors in their filing. I think you will find the mud thrown is false and misleading."

But that is only half the story. Cuthbertson is misleading voters in more ways than one with his attack mailings. 

In addition to the sexist attacks Cuthbertson is making on Stephanie, he is also conjuring up lies and innuendo about her husband. It's no secret that Cuthbertson has a long history of voting for the interests of his biggest campaign donors and against the interests of the community. Two of the big lies, aside from taking credit for the new Republican Town administration's fiscal conservatism, are:

  1. Cuthbertson claims he has fought against overdevelopment. That one made us laugh out loud when we saw it, knowing about Avalon Bay as well as Seasons at Elwood and Oheka Castle zone changes for his campaign donors. Mark Cuthbertson is the architect of the 2006 Zoning Code amendment that allowed the expanded development of apartment buildings that have forever changed the skyline in Huntington Village -- in fact, it created the noticeable skyline you see today.
  2. Cuthbertson is claiming the Planning Board is the bad guy in the overdevelopment scheme because Stephanie's husband is on it. The Planning Board is not the bad guy in this story and neither is her husband. Stephanie's husband, Bob Bontempi is not the bad guy either. In fact, Mark Cuthbertson voted for Bob Bontempi's appointment to the Planning Board in late 2020, it was a bipartisan, unanimous vote after the Republicans proposed his appointment.

No, the real bad guy in the overdevelopment of Huntington is Mark Cuthbertson. All the projects you have seen go forward in Huntington Village, even to this day, got the green light from Mark Cuthbertson.

Fortunately, Ed Smyth proposed Zoning Code amendments that passed in 2020, putting a lid on Cuthbertson's overdevelopment and protecting our suburban infrastructure and environment from negative impacts of development.

In closing, Jim Kelly writes, "Rumor and innuendo about a spouse in a local election demands an apology and [will] never be acceptable behavior."

We agree with Mr. Kelly and encourage you to attend the Town Board meeting on Wednesday, October 13 at 7:00pm and put your feelings on the record during the Public Portion of the meeting about Mark Cuthbertson's vile campaigning against Stephanie Bontempi because she and the voters deserve better than that.

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Proof Positive Gene Cook Has Turned His Back on Republicans and is Helping the Democrats

Thomas McNally Thomas McNally | September 27, 2021

We've told you about how Gene Cook has aligned himself with key leaders in the Huntington Democrat Party in a shameful effort to divert votes away from the endorsed Republican-Conservative Town Supervisor candidate Ed Smyth and install Democrat Rebecca Sanin as Town Supervisor -- Rebecca Sanin, a vocal supporter of Socialist New York City Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

As it turns out, the same Huntington Democrat Party Vice Chair who collected petition signatures to place Gene Cook on the ballot for Town Supervisor this year is now displaying lawn signs at his home for BOTH the Democrat candidate for Town Supervisor AND Gene Cook!

That's odd, isn't it? Well, it's not odd if the intent is to use Gene Cook to help liberal Democrat Rebecca Sanin win. That's why you're seeing Cook and Kevin Orelli signs displayed together around town as well as Cook and Sanin signs. 

You can see the Democrat Vice Chair's yellow Huntington Highway Department truck in the driveway -- he works for Democrat Highway Superintendent Kevin Orelli.

This is proof positive that Gene Cook has turned his back on Republicans and our pro-taxpayer values to work the Democrats who want to raise our property taxes, allow high-rise developments to be constructed from one end of town to the other and they would rather spend taxpayer money on liberal programs than work with the Suffolk County Police Department to fight violent crime.

Not surprisingly, Gene partnered with Rebecca Sanin and Democrats on the Town Board in an attempt to expand high-density apartment building development across the town this summer. Thanks to Ed Smyth’s leadership and the outrage expressed by Town residents to their plan, we were able to stop Gene, Sanin and the Democrats from destroying our suburban quality of life.

We are proud that Town Board member and Deputy Supervisor Ed Smyth is our Republican-Conservative candidate for Town Supervisor. Ed is a Staff Sergeant in the U.S. Marine Corps (res.) and has led the effort to ease the burden on property taxpayers, stop overdevelopment, enact term limits and keep Huntington one of the safest communities in America -- in fact, Ed is the only Town Supervisor candidate with the full support of local law enforcement, as he has been unanimously endorsed by the Coalition of Suffolk Police Unions.

Keep this in mind when you cast your ballot this election -- please vote for our endorsed Republican Team—Ed Smyth, Andre Sorrentino, Dr. Dave Bennardo and Sal Ferro—to protect taxpayers and make Huntington an even better place to live.

Thank you for your support.


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Sanin Would Be a Return to Overdevelopment, Infrastructure Neglect & Failed Leadership

Thomas McNally Thomas McNally | September 20, 2021

Many people in our town recently received a letter from liberal Democrat Town Supervisor candidate Rebecca Sanin in which she touted her experience running a not-for-profit organization, approach to public safety and plan to help local small businesses.

In true Joe Biden fashion, Sanin's letter is remarkably similar to the mission statement letter Ed Smyth put out 5 months ago. Not surprisingly, Sanin neglected to include some very important details in her letter that Huntington residents need to know:

1. Her Record of Flawed "Leadership"

First, Sanin became president of the Health and Welfare Council of Long Island in 2017. In the years after she was hired, the amount of money the Council distributed in annual grant funding dwindled from an average of nearly $1.7 million to $0 in 2019. At the same time, the compensation received by its officers increased by more than 72%.

2. Her Support of Far-Left, Divisive and Dangerous Rhetoric

Second, Rebecca Sanin is deeply out of touch with the values shared by Huntington residents when it comes to ensuring public safety. Sanin has expressed her support for liberal groups that believe in defunding our police departments and other anti-law enforcement policies that make our communities less safe. Further, after a fatal shooting occurred last month in Huntington Station, Sanin’s proposed response was focused on tree trimming and street lighting, rather than working with the Suffolk Police Department to remove dangerous criminals from our streets. Ed Smyth is the only Town Supervisor candidate endorsed by law enforcement -- in fact, Ed Smyth is unanimously endorsed by the entire Coalition of Suffolk Police Unions.


3. A Return to Overdevelopment and Infrastructure Neglect

Finally, Sanin’s vision for the future of Huntington is based on the construction of new high-rise developments across our town, with more traffic congestion, overcrowding in our schools and higher property taxes. That would have been the end result of a measure advanced by Democrats on the Town Board, along with Gene Cook, and supported by Rebecca Sanin which, thankfully, Councilman Ed Smyth and dozens of outraged town residents succeeded in preventing.

Sanin concluded her letter by stating that “Huntington residents deserve better than what we’re getting right now.” Under the leadership of Ed Smyth and the Republican Majority on the Town Board, we have held the line on property taxes after years of increases adopted by Democrats, passed a new law preventing overdevelopment to preserve the suburban character of our town, adopted ethics reforms and term limits to make town government more accountable and made important investments to protect and beautify our public spaces.

Voters understand that Rebecca Sanin and Huntington Democrats support a liberal agenda that would undermine the progress made under Republican leadership. That’s why they will elect Ed Smyth as Town Supervisor, Sal Ferro and Dr. Dave Bennardo to the Town Board, and Andre Sorrentino as Highway Superintendent this November.



Tom McNally, Chairman

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ONE YEAR AGO: How the Town Board Saved You from a 5-Figure Tax Payment & an Immediate Annual Tax Increase

Thomas McNally Thomas McNally | September 03, 2021

One year ago, the Town of Huntington entered into a settlement with the Long Island Power Authority (LIPA) to resolve the runaway state agency’s $825 million tax certiorari lawsuit against the Town, which challenged the assessment on the Northport Power Plant and sought a 90% reduction in its property taxes. Had the Town Board not acted to protect Huntington taxpayers from this existential threat, every homeowner in our town would have paid an average $12,251 lump sum in restitution to LIPA, in addition to immediate annual property tax increases averaging $4,558 for Northport-East Northport homeowners and $350 for homeowners in all other school districts (and remember, that is annual, each year compounded on top of the previous year’s increase).

Because of the current administration’s unwavering commitment to Huntington taxpayers, the settlement saved residents from 90% of those tax increases, eliminated the threat of devastating five-figure lump sums owed by each homeowner to LIPA, and protected property values townwide, earning the bipartisan support of the Town Board and the Northport-East Northport school board. In fact, the school district concluded that “the settlement represents the best chance…to maintain a high-quality education program for [its] students.”

While Huntington residents, parents and taxpayers recount this success with appreciation, the lone Town Board member who voted against the settlement, Gene Cook, is inexplicably running on an anti-settlement platform for town supervisor, despite his pushing for a lesser settlement agreement in 2013 that never came near offering the favorable terms negotiated and accepted one year ago.

Gene has turned his back on Republicans and our pro-taxpayer values, aligning himself with key leaders in the Huntington Democratic Party in a shameful effort to divert votes away from Republican Ed Smyth and install liberal Democrat Rebecca Sanin as the next town supervisor.

As a member of the Town Board and our Deputy Supervisor, Ed Smyth partnered with his Town Board colleagues to deliver the LIPA settlement and save our Town and its taxpayers. Ed will build upon the Republican record of holding the line on property taxes, fighting overdevelopment and protecting our suburban quality of life.

This is the most important election in the history of our town. To win, we will need every Republican to vote for Ed Smyth, Highway Superintendent candidate Andre Sorrentino and Town Board candidates Sal Ferro and Dr. Dave Bennardo. I hope we can count on your support!

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Smyth and Republicans to Block Democrats from Reinstating Unchecked Development and Massive Property Tax Increases

Thomas McNally Thomas McNally | August 16, 2021

The Huntington Republican Committee’s 2021 slate of candidates for Town office will build on the tremendous progress achieved by the Town Board’s Republican Majority during the last four years. Led by supervisor candidate Ed Smyth, who was first elected to the Town Board in 2017 and currently serves as Deputy Supervisor, the Republican candidates will continue the Republican Majority’s record of holding the line on property taxes, combating overdevelopment, ensuring public safety and making Town government more accountable.

“When Republicans won a majority on the Town Board in 2017, they put an end to years of massive property tax increases and uncontrolled development that urbanized large parts of our town,” said Huntington Republican Chair Thomas McNally. “Since then, conservative Republican leadership has changed the trajectory of Huntington—capping property taxes, limiting the allowable size and density of new development and enacting term limits.”

Before Huntington voters elected a Republican Majority in 2017, the Democrat-led Town Board repeatedly broke the state property tax cap, including one of the largest tax increases in Town history in 2017, which was also supported by Gene Cook. Since 2018, the Republican-led Town Board has held the line on property taxes and protected the state tax cap—saving Huntington homeowners and small businesses millions of dollars.

The Republican Majority on the Town Board adopted term limits and strengthened Town ethics laws to enhance financial disclosure, prevent nepotism and stop former Town officials from exercising influence on behalf of private clients. Republicans also repealed Democrat-passed zoning changes that allowed an unlimited number of apartments to be built on commercial and mixed-use properties and resulted in every unpopular development project built in downtown Huntington over the past decade.

“Democrats were content to let Huntington be overrun with unchecked development, turning a historic town with suburban charm into a city,” said Chairman McNally. “Through the leadership of Councilman Smyth, Republicans stood up and saved our town. Just last month, the Democrats and their partner Gene Cook tried again to allow high-rise apartments to be built from one end of town to the other. Thankfully, Ed Smyth and dozens of concerned Town residents joined together to stop them.”

The Huntington Republican Committee’s slate of candidates for Town office consists of Ed Smyth, Town Board candidates Sal Ferro and Dave Bennardo and Highway Superintendent candidate Andre Sorrentino.

“We have a tremendous slate of candidates that Huntington taxpayers can believe in,” said McNally. “There’s no question that Ed Smyth, Sal Ferro, Dave Bennardo and Andre Sorrentino will protect the wonderful quality of life that makes Huntington such a special place to live.”

Sign the petition opposing overdevelopment in the Town of Huntington.

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Democrat Supervisor Candidate Sanin Tells Residents Opposing Overdevelopment They Don't Speak for Huntington

Thomas McNally Thomas McNally | July 23, 2021

Dozens of Huntington residents came to speak out against a plan sponsored by Councilmen Mark Cuthbertson and Eugene Cook to build high rise apartments all over our town. And when Huntington residents wanted to tell them what they thought, Cuthbertson and Cook tried to silence them.

Supervisor Chad Lupinacci and Deputy Supervisor, Councilman Ed Smyth have led the fight against overdevelopment. They passed a town law to protect its suburban character and they were on the side of Huntington residents who should have their voices heard about the future of our town.

When residents finally had the opportunity to speak, they made their position clear: Stop the overdevelopment and protect our suburban quality of life. In the words of one resident, if the Cuthbertson/Cook measure passes, our “town’s going to look like Great Neck or Queens.” No wonder the crowd erupted in cheers when Cuthbertson reminded everyone that he only had six more months on the town board.

While that is good news for Huntington residents who are opposed to the continued urbanization of our neighborhoods, the Democrat candidate for town supervisor, Rebecca Sanin, refused to oppose the measure. In fact, Sanin told Newsday that she wasn’t familiar with the Cuthbertson/Cook resolution allowing the construction of three-story apartment buildings and she rejected the premise that those who spoke in opposition to the plan at the town board meeting represented everyone in Huntington.

Thankfully, Councilman Ed Smyth made sure our voices were heard so that the will of Huntington residents could prevail over those who want more and more development in our town.

Watch video of the public hearing the Democrats and Eugene Cook tried to shut down:

Sign the petition opposing overdevelopment.

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BREAKING NEWS: Update on Cuthbertson's & Cook's Public Hearing to Bring Overdevelopment Back

Thomas McNally Thomas McNally | July 12, 2021

We just got word that Councilman Mark Cuthbertson and Councilman Eugene Cook are trying to shut down public debate on their public hearing to expand the development of three-story apartment buildings across our town.

Instead of offering this resolution to cancel the public hearing in front of the public at the Town Board meeting at 2:00 p.m. tomorrow, Cuthbertson and Cook are planning on voting on the cancellation at the Town Board Workshop meeting at 10am. The Town Board Workshop meeting is a public meeting but it isn't video recorded like the Town Board meeting when it is held in person. Cuthbertson and Cook plan to use the forum to cancel their public hearing behind closed doors.

The public is allowed to attend this meeting and we encourage each and every one of you to attend the Workshop meeting at Town Hall tomorrow at 10am to make sure your voice is heard.

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Huntington Democrats Want to Bring Overdevelopment Back – But Why Hasn’t Anyone Heard From the Democrat Candidate for Town Supervisor on This Issue?

Thomas McNally Thomas McNally | July 11, 2021

At the recent June 15th Town Board meeting, Democrat Councilman Mark Cuthbertson proposed a zoning code amendment, seconded by Councilman Eugene Cook, to allow for the development of three-story apartment buildings anywhere up to 1,500 feet outside of our five main downtown hamlet centers – Huntington Village, Huntington Station, and now in East Northport, Greenlawn and Cold Spring Harbor. A public hearing has been scheduled on the proposal for the in-person July 13th Town Board meeting at 2:00pm.

Now that word has spread on social media and the public has seen and reacted to the plan proposed by Cuthbertson and Cook, which could usher in a new wave of overdevelopment, both Cuthbertson and Cook are now trying to cancel the public hearing, or "un-ring the bell," as Councilman Ed Smyth put it in his statement this week.

And in case you were wondering—no, it's not 2006, the year Councilman Cuthbertson’s proposal passed, allowing countless apartment buildings to be built around Huntington Village and Huntington Station for the past decade and a half, enriching Huntington Democrat donors. Fortunately for all of us, when they took office in 2018, Supervisor Chad Lupinacci and Councilman Ed Smyth worked on a proposal in their first two years in office to put a stop to this unsustainable and reckless overdevelopment and thankfully it passed after a year of community input, in 2020.

It is, in fact, 2021 now, fifteen years after Cuthbertson’s first proposal to turn our suburban town into a city, and his new proposal to expand the development of three-story apartment buildings is a real threat today.

Procedurally, a legally noticed public hearing cannot be cancelled without a Town Board vote and that can only be done on the day of the Town Board meeting but, as Councilman Ed Smyth pointed out, the public has every right to be heard despite Cuthbertson’s and Cook’s attempts to stifle public comment on a matter that will affect all Huntington residents’ lives.

Another important question to ask is, “Where does Huntington Democrat candidate for Town Supervisor, Rebecca Sanin, stand on Cuthbertson’s proposal?” We know where our candidate for Supervisor, Ed Smyth, stands on reckless overdevelopment but Sanin has remained quiet on this pressing matter.


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The Democrats are Desperate, and Now They've Got Eugene Cook

Thomas McNally Thomas McNally | July 07, 2021

An Important Message from Huntington Republican Party Chairman Tom McNally

Many of you may have received an invitation for an upcoming fundraiser from Friends of Eugene Cook in support of his run for Town Supervisor. To be clear, the only candidate endorsed by the Republican and Conservative Parties for Town of Huntington Supervisor is ED SMYTH.

First, Eugene Cook is NOT ENDORSED by the Republican Party nor by the Conservative Party for Town Supervisor. This fundraiser is specifically intended to finance his campaign for Town Supervisor against the Republican Party and Conservative Party candidate Ed Smyth.

Sadly, Eugene Cook has partnered with, and is being supported by, prominent Democratic Party leaders and operatives in his campaign for Town Supervisor. This is part of a Democrat scheme to siphon votes away from Ed Smyth and elect a liberal Democrat as Huntington’s next Town Supervisor. This is dirty politics and, unfortunately, the Democrats have co-opted Eugene Cook to be a part of it.

Any contribution to Eugene Cook’s campaign is money that will be directly spent against the endorsed Republican and Conservative candidate Ed Smyth.

Here are the facts:

  1. The Huntington Democratic Party’s Vice Chair, along with other high-level Democratic Party operatives, collected hundreds of petition signatures to place Eugene Cook on the ballot for Town Supervisor.
  2. A thorough analysis of these petitions established that almost 60% of Eugene Cook’s signatures were collected by Democratic Party operatives.
  3. After a bipartisan review conducted by the Suffolk County Board of Elections, hundreds of Eugene Cook’s signatures were found to be improper and invalidated.
  4. A lawsuit is pending to have Eugene Cook’s petitions thrown out by the court, because they are permeated with forgeries and fraud.

The Democrats are desperate. They are attempting to manipulate the process to overcome their weak candidate, Rebecca Sanin, and their failed record of higher taxes, overdevelopment and corrupt, insider deals paid for at the taxpayers’ expense. They know running Eugene Cook on a third-party ballot line is the only chance they have to defeat an accomplished leader like Ed Smyth.

We cannot allow the Democrats’ cynical ploy to succeed.

During Ed Smyth’s first term in office, the Town Board has held the line on property taxes, reformed town government and taken long overdue steps to protect our suburban quality of life. In November, I am confident that voters will easily see through the Democrats’ scheme and continue the progress achieved during the last four years by supporting ED SMYTH and his running mates—Sal Ferro, Dave Bennardo and Andre Sorrentino. Make no mistake, a vote for any other candidate is a vote for the liberal and corrupt Huntington Democratic Party.

Please join me in showing your support for Ed Smyth and our team of Republican Town candidates by signing up to volunteer and by making a contribution to help ensure a Republican Majority for four more years.

- Tom

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A 2021 Campaign Call-to-Action from Huntington GOP Chairman Tom McNally

Thomas McNally Thomas McNally | May 19, 2021

Dear fellow Huntington Republicans,

We have a tremendous slate of candidates we have running for Town and County office this year and report that we filed more than 1,000 petition signatures qualifying them to be on the ballot.

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Lawless Suffolk Democrat Thrown Off Ballot After Flouting Term Limits Law

Thomas McNally Thomas McNally | April 27, 2021

On Monday, April 26, a New York Supreme Court ruling declared Suffolk County Democrat Kate Browning’s candidacy fraudulent and unlawful, citing an existing Suffolk County term limits law in striking her from the ballot.

Suffolk GOP Chairman Jesse Garcia issued a statement on the ruling:

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Councilman Ed Smyth Appointed Deputy Supervisor

Site Admin Site Admin | March 08, 2021

Supervisor Chad A. Lupinacci appointed Councilman Ed Smyth as Deputy Supervisor of the Town of Huntington on Monday, March 8th!

Supervisor Chad A. Lupinacci stated, “I am proud of what Councilman Smyth and I have accomplished together in three short years and we will continue to provide cost-effective, accountable government services to residents and businesses by listening to the needs of our community, taking a creative approach to problem-solving and continuing conservative budgeting practices.”

Councilman Ed Smyth said, “I am honored to be appointed Deputy Supervisor. Although largely a ceremonial position, I will assist the Supervisor to re-open Town Hall and provide improved services to our residents.”

Deputy Town Supervisor Ed Smyth

Elected to the Town Board together in November 2017, Supervisor Chad A. Lupinacci and Councilman Ed Smyth delivered on their promises to enact term limits for all Town elected officials, increase government transparency, and improve communication between the Town and residents. Lupinacci and Smyth passed various ethics reforms, including strengthening financial disclosure requirements for Town officials and employees, enhancing the independence of the Board of Ethics, and enacting revisions to personnel policies and procedures.

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2021 CANDIDATES: Smyth to lead slate as candidate for Town Supervisor

Site Admin Site Admin | February 27, 2021

Huntington, NY – Huntington Republican Committee Chairman Thomas McNally today announced the committee’s slate of candidates for the 2021 elections.

Following the decision of Supervisor Chad Lupinacci not to seek re-election this year, the Huntington Republican Committee endorsed Councilman Ed Smyth to be its candidate for Town Supervisor.


First elected to the Town Board in 2017, Smyth has worked tirelessly to reform town government and make it more responsive to Huntington residents.  Smyth enacted term limits for town offices and stronger ethics laws, fought for important measures protecting our suburban quality-of-life from overdevelopment and held the line on property taxes.

“Ed Smyth is a Marine, a husband and father and a lifelong Huntington resident,” said Chairman Thomas McNally.  “He has a vision for the future of our town and he exudes leadership.  There’s not a better or more qualified person to be Huntington’s next Town Supervisor.”

“I want to thank Chairman McNally and the Huntington Republican Committee for placing their trust in me to lead our town,” said Councilman Ed Smyth.  “We’ve experienced tremendous success over the last three years and I look forward to building on these achievements as Town Supervisor.”

In addition, the Huntington Republican Committee nominated Dr. David Bennardo and Salvatore Ferro for two open Town Council seats, Andre Sorrentino for Superintendent of Highways and Suffolk County Legislative candidates Stephanie Bontempi (18th District), Manuel Esteban, Sr. (16th District), Legislator Robert Trotta (13th District), and Stephen Becker (17th District).

“We have an extraordinary team of talented professionals who are committed to making our town a better place to live,” McNally said.  “We know that our team, our party and our town are all stronger when we work together.  That’s the approach we’re going to take to win in November and it’s going to help us continue the progress we’ve made over the last three years to protect property taxpayers and encourage responsible economic growth.”

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2021 Winter Coat Drive

Thomas McNally Thomas McNally | January 17, 2021

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Huntington Republican Committee Elects New Chairman Tom McNally

Site Admin Site Admin | September 23, 2020

Congratulations to Centerport resident and new Huntington Republican Committee Chairman Thomas M. McNally!

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Lazy Susan Berland Refuses to Show Up to Work

Site Admin Site Admin | October 12, 2019

The very least our elected officials can do is show up when they vote to make the decisions that affect our lives. Lazy Susan Berland can't even do that.

After the Suffolk County Legislature’s five-week summer recess in August 2019, Lazy Susan Berland refused to leave her second home in Key West, Florida to attend Legislative Committee meetings in person.

Instead, Lazy Susan demanded that the Legislature change its rules and spend $40,000 of taxpayer money on technological upgrades to help her avoid returning to New York to do her job – she preferred to Skype in from Key West! Many of her colleagues publicly denounced her obnoxious self-serving demands – Lazy Susan even fought publicly with Democrat Majority Leader and Presiding Officer, Legislator DuWayne Gregory.

Asked why she can't return during her vacation for committee meetings, Berland said: "We don't go away the rest of the year." - Newsday

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Cergol Puts Party Politics Ahead of Public Good

Site Admin Site Admin | March 06, 2019

At the March 2019 Town Board meeting, Joan Cergol put politics over the good and the needs of the Town of Huntington (while Kevin Orelli slept):

At yesterday's Town Board meeting, Joan Cergol voted against $650,000 in critical infrastructure funding for the Town's General Services Department – money that was needed for crucial equipment that would be utilized for snow removal from commuter lots, parks upkeep, building maintenance, dead tree removal and more. Why? Because the General Services Department is headed by her 2019 Town Council opponent Andre Sorrentino. Heaven forbid that the General Services Department keeps making Huntington shine.

Perhaps Cergol has been alarmed by the praise Andre Sorrentino has received by members of the opposition Democrat Party for his leadership in beautifying and cleaning up Huntington Station and the Huntington Village Green. Good results could hurt Cergol’s chances for re-election so she decided to ignore the needs of the Town for political gain. Shame on you, Joan Cergol.

Under Andre Sorrentino's leadership, this bridge on the playground at Huntington Station's Depot Road Park was replaced. Prior to Andre's joining Town leadership as the head of the General Services Department, this playground bridge had been broken and closed for two years.

Under Andre Sorrentino's leadership, this bridge on the playground at Huntington Station's Depot Road Park was replaced. Prior to Andre's joining Town leadership as the head of the General Services Department, this playground bridge had been broken and closed for two years.

Andre Sorrentino's team removing long-dead trees to ensure Huntington Village is safe for pedestrians and drivers.

Andre Sorrentino's team removing long-dead trees to ensure Huntington Village is safe for pedestrians and drivers.

Andre Sorrentino has received much praise for his beautification efforts on the Village Green!

Andre Sorrentino has received much praise for his beautification efforts on the Village Green!

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HuffPost: Suozzi Won't Stick Up for District

Michael Adam Michael Adam | January 12, 2019

File this under "You Can't Make This Up" -- even the liberal Huffington Post is attacking Congressman Tom Suozzi for his failure to stand up for the Town of Huntington in the infamous LIPA lawsuit. Suozzi's failure to act, or even speak up on the matter, could lead to an "economic death spiral" that could decimate our town.

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ETHICALLY CHALLENGED: Cergol Votes NO on Term Limits After Taking $45,965 Payout of Taxpayer Dollars

Site Admin Site Admin | October 22, 2018

Joan Cergol cashed out $45,965 taxpayer dollars when appointed to her third unelected government job in sixteen years -- and then she voted NO to enacting term limits! Cergol took that $45,965 payout -- meant to be taken by employees leaving the Town payroll -- while she still sits on the government dole.

On the Town website, the Community Development Agency's 2017 Financials with Independent Auditor's Reports, which reports on the financial status of the CDA as of December 31, 2017, references "an increase to accrued liabilities related to accrued sick and vacation time to be paid to the former director" on numbered page 4. That pretty much sums it up. On numbered page 6 (2017 column, “Accrued liabilities: $45,965”) it shows the $45,965 amount of the payout Cergol took of unused sick and vacation time, even though this practice is meant for people leaving Town employment, not people staying on the Town payroll, as she did as an appointed, unelected member of the Town Board.


As a 16-year unelected bureaucrat, Town employment has been very lucrative for Cergol, aside from her premature cashing in on $45,965 in unused sick and vacation time. According to, Cergol's yearly pay on the government dole averaged at $121,914 for the past 7 years, totalling $851,328, all the while the agency she was responsible for incurred $1 million dollars of debt to Huntington's taxpayers under her management of questionable business practices. Public salary information for Cergol's years of Town employment from 2002-2010 was not published on Newsday, which only maintains records as far back as 2011.


But there's more!

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Wrong Direction: Cergol Leaves CDA $1 Million in Debt to Taxpayers

Site Admin Site Admin | October 17, 2018

Joan Cergol is an unelected career bureaucrat who left the Town of Huntington Community Development Agency (CDA) $1 million dollars in debt to the taxpayers of Huntington when she resigned last year. The outgoing Democrat Town Board, led by former 24-year Supervisor Frank Petrone, appointed Cergol as an unelected Democrat member of the Town Board at their final meeting of 2017, in total defiance of Huntington's voters, who rejected the Democrats' policies when they voted for Chad Lupinacci, Ed Smyth and a New Direction!

Cergol's mismanagement of the CDA (in the appointed, unelected position she held from January 2013 through the final Town Board meeting of 2017) is evidenced by a review of the independent auditor's reports for 2017201620152014, -- mysteriously the financials for her first year at the CDA (2013) are missing from the CDA reports but if you look to the 2012 Financials (for the time period ending December 31, 2012, just days before Cergol was appointed to the CDA by former Supervisor Frank Petrone and the Democrat-majority Town Board), you can see: every year the CDA was under Cergol's management, the agency went deeper and deeper into debt on the taxpayer dime.

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Gillibrand Cozies Up to Radical Left

Site Admin Site Admin | June 29, 2018

Kirsten Gillibrand’s continual flip-flopping on immigration positions is downright comical at this point.

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Town Hall Update: Lupinacci, Smyth Bring Town Board to the People

Site Admin Site Admin | June 02, 2018
The Huntington Town Board held its first meeting on the road at Elwood Middle School on the evening of Thursday, May 17.
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Town Hall Update: Huntington Town Board Makes Cold War Veterans Tax Exemption Permanent, Dedicates “Scott J. Beigel Way”

Site Admin Site Admin | March 23, 2018

At its March 20th meeting, the Huntington Town Board voted to permanently extend the Cold War Veterans Tax Exemption, dedicated Hart Place in Dix Hills as “Scott J. Beigel Way,” and scheduled public hearings on a development project proposed for the property located on the northeast corner of Jericho Turnpike and Manor Road, among other items on the agenda.

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Republican Majority Enacts Term Limits

Site Admin Site Admin | January 25, 2018

The Huntington Town Board voted this week to enact term limits for all local elected officials, fulfilling a key campaign promise by Republican Supervisor Chad Lupinacci and Republican Councilman Ed Smyth.

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Lupinacci Wins Huntington Supervisor Race

Site Admin Site Admin | November 09, 2017

The next Huntington supervisor is Chad Lupinacci.

Lupinacci, a Republican and current state assemblyman, earned 26,481 votes Tuesday to defeat Democrat and current Huntington Councilwoman Tracey Edwards, who earned 21,575 votes. A third candidate in the race, Michael Raspantini, earned 1,076 votes.

Lupinacci, 38, of Melville, watched the results roll in Tuesday night at a packed Nathan Hale VFW Post 1469 in Huntington Station. There, he said, that based on “the feedback we were hearing today, whether at the supermarkets or on the phones, we knew Huntington was ready for a new direction.”


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Democrat Corruption in the Town of Huntington: A Dumpster Full of ONLY Republican Lawn Signs

Site Admin Site Admin | October 28, 2017


This photo was taken today, October 28, 2017, at the Town of Huntington recycling facility. Republican or Democrat nobody wants a government using its resources to try to rig an election. The Town of Huntington has had a policy for decades that when political signs were placed on public roadways they would be picked up by town employees who would bring them to the Town Recycling Plant. Once there the candidates could come and pick up their signs that had been collected.

This year the Democrats (and more particularly Tracey Edwards) have used taxpayer dollars to purposely pick up Republican signs and leave Democrat signs alone. A town vehicle was witnessed stopping along Pulaski Road and picking up Chad Lupinacci signs and leaving Tracey Edwards signs in place. Given that Tracey Edwards has numerous family members working for the town in the department responsible for picking up the signs this is not surprising.

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Legislator Rob Trotta: Stop the Fee-Asco

Site Admin Site Admin | August 16, 2017

Suffolk County Legislator Rob Trotta (R-Fort Salonga) published the attached Letter To The Editor of The Huntingtonian this week. Trotta continues to demonstrate his leadership in the chamber and his dedication to protecting Suffolk taxpayers!

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Tom Suozzi's Shameful Anti-Veteran Votes

Site Admin Site Admin | July 26, 2017

Tom Suozzi’s shameful anti-veteran votes continue to pile up as he perfects "Washington double-speak."

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Poll: Half of New Yorkers Would Vote Against Cuomo in 2018

Michael Adam Michael Adam | June 07, 2016

Nearly half of New York state voters -- 49% -- would consider voting for “someone else” other than Gov. Cuomo in 2018, according to a new Siena College poll released today.

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Michael Adam


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#Huntington Republicans are fighting to make local government more efficient & accessible. Join the team!
#Huntington Republicans are fighting to make local government more efficient & accessible. Join the team!