Would-Be Assassin Released After Zeldin Attack! Republican Candidates Respond

On Thursday night, Republican Governor candidate and Congressman Lee Zeldin was attacked by a knife-wielding thug at a campaign rally in upstate New York after Kathy Hochul released his campaign schedule to the public! 

Congressman Zeldin predicted that the attacker would be released under New York's Bail Laws the night of the attack:

"His words as he tried to stab me a few hours ago were 'you’re done,' but several attendees, including my running mate Alison Esposito, quickly jumped into action and tackled the guy.

"Law enforcement was on the scene within minutes. The attacker though will likely be instantly released under New York’s soft on crime laws."

Republican candidates Nick LaLota, Senator Mario Mattera, Assemblyman Keith Brown and Aamir Sultan have responded to the assassination attempt,condemning the Democrats' disastrous cashless bail law that put the attacker back on the streets on Friday --


Nick LaLota, our official Republican and Conservative Party-endorsed candidate for Congress, stated on Friday:

"Last night my good friend Lee Zeldin was attacked by a mad man with a knife. There are photos. There’s even video.

"But under NY Dems’ Bail Reform laws, this lunatic is REQUIRED to be back on the street this morning. Unlike almost every other state, a New York Judge cannot take a defendant’s danger to society into account when deciding whether or not to hold him until a future hearing or trial.

"Like Lee says, this year is New York’s final stand. NY Dems have crushed our economy, trampled on our freedoms and placed our safety into peril. Want change? Vote for the Republican-Conservative candidates who will restore New York as the Empire State."

On Thursday night, immediately after the attack, Nick posted:

"Our Governor candidate is an Army Lieutenant Colonel who deployed to a combat zone. Our Lt. Governor candidate is a recently retired NYPD Deputy Inspector who went hand to hand with some of NYC’s nastiest thugs. New Yorkers should be confident that not even threats to their own personal safety will deter Lee Zeldin and Alison Esposito from leading New York in a new and better direction!"

Nick LaLota faces a challenge from two Democrats in the August 23 Congressional Republican Primary Election and needs your vote!


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Nick LaLota's Republican Congressional Primary Opponents Are Democrats!

Lifelong conservative Republican, Annapolis graduate and Navy Veteran Nick LaLota is our ONLY Republican and Conservative Party-endorsed candidate for Congress.


Nick faces a Primary Election for the Republican Congressional nomination on August 23. His opponents? Two Democrats.

Yes, this is actually happening.

In Biden's America, nothing surprises us anymore.

We already knew that DC lobbyist Michelle Bond was a registered Democrat, worked for President Obama, donated $6,550 to national Democrats and rented an apartment in New York in order to run for Congress. What we found out this weekend was that she brought her out-of-state liberal friends along with her.

FEC filings revealed that Bond received 83% of her itemized contributions from donors who live outside of the State of New York, and accepted numerous donations from registered Democrats. Bond received $61,000 - over 25% - of her itemized campaign donations from donors who have given over a quarter million dollars to Democratic Presidential candidates Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry and radical socialists like Bernie Sanders, Ro Khanna, and Jamaal Bowman.


Anthony Figliola also registered as a Democrat, donated $3,942 to Democrats -- including $1,000 to Andrew Cuomo, served as Executive Director of the Brookhaven Democrats, and is now running for the Republican nomination.

"Bond, an Obama lawyer, and Figliola, a Cuomo Democrat, are imposters and our voters will see through this cynical deception to steal a Republican nomination with money from liberal mega donors," said Huntington GOP Chairman Tom McNally. 


Suffolk GOP County Chairman Jesse Garcia condemned Democrats’ efforts to infiltrate the Republican primary:

“With each day that passes, we’re finding out how deep DC lobbyist Michelle Bond’s roots are with the Democrat party. We already knew that Bond was a registered Democrat who worked for Obama and donated thousands to anti-Second Amendment, pro-abortion national Democrats. But today’s FEC report reveals that Bond accepted $61,000 worth of campaign contributions from far-left mega-donors who have helped put radical socialists like Bernie Sanders, Jamaal Bowman, and Ro Khanna in office.

“Today, I’m calling on all Suffolk Republicans to reject these calculated attempts by Democrats to infiltrate our Republican primaries. We Republicans deserve a nominee who is conservative, honest and patriotic. That is why 45 Suffolk County Republican Party and Elected Officials have endorsed Navy Veteran Nick LaLota for Congress. Suffolk Voters can trust the Army-Navy team— with Zeldin as Governor and LaLota in Congress!” Garcia said.

UPDATE: The North Shore Leader Endorses Nick LaLota for Congress and Calls Out Democrats for Sneaking Fake Candidates into Republican Primaries


Vote Nick LaLota on August 23 (Vote Early August 13-21 or Request an Absentee Ballot)

Lifelong conservative Republican, Annapolis graduate and Navy Veteran Nick LaLota is our ONLY Republican and Conservative Party-endorsed candidate for Congress.

Nick is currently Chief of Staff to the first Republican Majority of the Suffolk County Legislature in 16 years; prior to taking on his current role, Nick served as the Republican Commissioner of the Suffolk County Board of Elections since 2015, where he made it easier to vote and harder to cheat in our elections.

Nick is a family man who has devoted over 10 years of public service to reducing the tax burden on Long Island families and businesses, and increasing funding for first responders and the number of law enforcement officers on patrol while staying under the Tax Cap.

In Congress, Nick will support policies that cut energy costs, combat inflation, and resolve the supply-chain crisis; he will oppose liberal tax hikes and wreckless spending to help working families save more. Finally, Nick will defend – not defund – law enforcement and prioritize keeping Long Island communities safe.

Nick LaLota faces a Primary Election on August 23 (Vote Early from August 13 to 21) and needs your vote! Learn more about Nick at

Surrounded by Elected Officials, Tom McNally Unanimously Re-Elected as Huntington GOP Chair, New Officers Elected

Huntington, NY – Huntington Republican Party Chairman Thomas McNally was unanimously re-elected at the Committee’s reorganizational meeting held at the Huntington American Legion Post 360 in Halesite on Wednesday, July 6.


“It is a humbling honor to have your support and be re-elected to serve as your leader,” said Chairman Tom McNally to a crowded room of committee members, including Town Supervisor Ed Smyth, Councilman Dr. Dave Bennardo, Councilman Sal Ferro, Town Clerk Andrew Raia, Highway Superintendent Andre Sorrentino, County Legislator Stephanie Bontempi, County Legislator Manny Esteban, former Town Clerk Jo-Ann Raia and retired Suffolk County Supreme Court Judge Jerry Asher.


Tom McNally; Congressman Lee Zeldin; Jim Leonick at a Zeldin for Governor event in May 2022
Chairman Tom McNally, Congressman Lee Zeldin, and future Vice Chairman Jim Leonick at a Zeldin for Governor event in May 2022.


Chairman Tom McNally was first elected at a special meeting held in September 2020 to fill the vacancy created by the death of former Chairman Toni Tepe. Taking on the role of Huntington Republican Party leader six weeks before Election Day 2020, Chairman McNally presided over two General Elections giving the Huntington Republicans their largest victories in decades, starting with the election of State Senator Mario Mattera (SD2) and Assemblyman Keith Brown (AD12) in 2020.


Chairman McNally then began to deliver on his promise to expand the ranks of the Huntington Republican Committee with a “big tent” philosophy, doing outreach to grow the party and recruit supporters of diverse backgrounds while undertaking the next election cycle, which brought unprecedented gains in November 2021.

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Huntington GOP Chairman Calls on NYS Legislature to Reject Governor’s Plan to End Single-Family Zoning

Huntington Republican Committee Chairman Thomas McNally today called on the State Legislature to reject Governor Kathy Hochul’s proposal to overrule local zoning and require municipalities to permit accessory dwelling units, like basement and attic apartments, in areas zoned for single family housing. Hochul’s plan would also compel local governments to change policies, like on-street parking restrictions, needed to implement this policy.

“Governor Hochul is continuing the Democratic Party’s war on the suburbs,” said Chairman McNally.  “For generations, single family zoning has been the foundation of the suburban quality of life that has made Huntington and other Long Island towns a destination for families.  The governor’s plan will end that, overcrowding our streets and our schools, and forever changing our communities.”

Hochul’s plan is the continuation of a broader national movement within the Democratic Party that led Governor Gavin Newsom to the abolish most single family zoning in California and the Biden Administration to attempt to implement this policy nationwide.  In fact, Democratic Socialist Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez required candidates to pledge their support to end single family zoning to earn the endorsement of her political action committee.

“Unfortunately, the Democratic Party’s push to end the single family zone policies is just their most recent attempt to undermine our suburban quality of life,” said Chairman McNally.  “From ending cash bail for dangerous criminals to shutting down our schools and small businesses during the pandemic, the Democratic Party’s agenda has targeted public safety, education, jobs and the things that matter most to us on Long Island.”

“Long Island Democrats in the State Senate like James Gaughran have a responsibility to prevent Governor Hochul from using the state budget process to pass damaging policies like this,” concluded Chairman McNally.  “This isn’t a partisan issue.  It’s about the survival of our suburban communities and the future of Long Island.”


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A 2021 Victory Message from Huntington Republican Party Chairman Tom McNally

Record turnout on Election Day 2021 ushered in an historic victory for Huntington taxpayers and families.

Supervisor-elect Ed Smyth is a leader who has worked to improve public safety, end unchecked overdevelopment, and improve critical infrastructure while holding the line on property taxes. With his new partners on the Town Board, Councilmen-elect Dr. Dave Bennardo and Sal Ferro, Ed Smyth will ensure that protecting our suburban quality of life is the top priority for town government.

Huntington voters also made a tremendous choice by electing Andre Sorrentino as our new Highway Superintendent. Andre will bring experience and an extraordinary ability to achieve results to the Highway Department.

A huge red wave swept both Huntington and Suffolk County in 2021.

Voters resoundingly elected Ray Tierney as Suffolk's new District Attorney with a clear mandate to seek out and end county corruption. For the first time in 16 years, we flipped control of the Suffolk County Legislature to a Republican majority – another game-changer for taxpayers on Long Island.

Legislator Rob Trotta held on to his seat in the 13th District, Stephanie Bontempi turned a blue seat red as our new County Legislator in the 18th District, and while absentee ballots have yet to be counted, Manny Esteban has appeared to have flipped the 16th District red!

Voters resoundingly rejected the Democratic propositions that would have:

  1. weakened independent redistricting and allowed Democrat gerrymandering,
  2. allowed same day voter registration, inviting election fraud and abuse, and
  3. allowed no excuse absentee voting and ballot harvesting.

Every single one of our candidates fought hard for the team and put their best into the campaign, along with our dedicated Committee Members and volunteers – this was an extraordinary team effort. We proved on Election Day that we are Stronger Together.

As the Huntington Republican Party Chairman, I am proud of our success on Election Day and I’m extremely optimistic for the future of our town.


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