Planning Board Vice Chairman Bob Bontempi called out Councilman Mark Cuthbertson for his false, "ridiculous, disgusting, and inappropriate" attacks against him and Stephanie Bontempi, our Republican-Conservative candidate for County Legislature in the 18th District, at the October 6 Planning Board meeting.

Not only does Vice Chairman Bontempi refute the insulting attacks made by Cuthbertson and demand an apology -- not for himself, but for the Planning Board -- Bob also references some of the many examples of the Planning Board advocating for residents over developers, refuting the insulting and false attacks Cuthbertson spews in his mailings against Stephanie.

Mark Cuthbertson really has nerve to claim anyone other than himself has nefarious ties to developers. As you might remember from the July 2021 Town Board meeting, Mark Cuthbertson is "Mr. Developer," aptly named by a resident fed up with Cuthbertson's new (and ongoing) overdevelopment push.

Bontempi doesn't expect an apology from the smug Councilman Cuthbertson but he will be in the audience at tonight's Town Board meeting to accept one on behalf of the Planning Board, whose members' characters were impugned by Cuthbertson's inappropriate attacks. Join him at 7pm in the Town Board Room at Huntington Town Hall.

Chairman Tom McNally
Huntington Republican Committee