Dozens of Huntington residents came to speak out against a plan sponsored by Councilmen Mark Cuthbertson and Eugene Cook to build high rise apartments all over our town. And when Huntington residents wanted to tell them what they thought, Cuthbertson and Cook tried to silence them.

Supervisor Chad Lupinacci and Deputy Supervisor, Councilman Ed Smyth have led the fight against overdevelopment. They passed a town law to protect its suburban character and they were on the side of Huntington residents who should have their voices heard about the future of our town.

When residents finally had the opportunity to speak, they made their position clear: Stop the overdevelopment and protect our suburban quality of life. In the words of one resident, if the Cuthbertson/Cook measure passes, our “town’s going to look like Great Neck or Queens.” No wonder the crowd erupted in cheers when Cuthbertson reminded everyone that he only had six more months on the town board.

While that is good news for Huntington residents who are opposed to the continued urbanization of our neighborhoods, the Democrat candidate for town supervisor, Rebecca Sanin, refused to oppose the measure. In fact, Sanin told Newsday that she wasn’t familiar with the Cuthbertson/Cook resolution allowing the construction of three-story apartment buildings and she rejected the premise that those who spoke in opposition to the plan at the town board meeting represented everyone in Huntington.

Thankfully, Councilman Ed Smyth made sure our voices were heard so that the will of Huntington residents could prevail over those who want more and more development in our town.

Watch video of the public hearing the Democrats and Eugene Cook tried to shut down:

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