Supervisor Chad Lupinacci Endorses Jim Leonick and Janet Smitelli

Supervisor Chad Lupinacci Endorses Jim Leonick and Janet Smitelli

Both Leonick and Smitelli Have Been Endorsed by the Entire New Direction Team

Supervisor Chad Lupinacci and the Town of Huntington need you to vote for Jim Leonick and Janet Smitelli to keep moving Huntington in the New Direction residents voted for when they elected Lupinacci to be our new Town Supervisor -- the first in 24 years -- along with new Councilman Ed Smyth!

Supervisor Lupinacci, along with Councilman Smyth and Councilman Eugene Cook, voted to implement term limits in the first month of the new administration but the political crony who was undemocratically appointed by the outgoing Democrats -- after the voters had already spoken -- voted NO to enacting term limits! This is just one of the reasons why we need to put Jim Leonick on the Town Board. Jim is a man of ethics and reason and he embodies the new direction of listening to residents, keeping Huntington suburban, and protecting our quality of life. Listen to Supervisor Lupinacci endorsing Jim Leonick for this year's special Town election taking place November 6th:

On November 6th, please vote for Jim Leonick for Councilman and Janet Smitelli for Receiver of Taxes.


Jim Leonick is a self-employed business owner who possesses the community and public service experience to make the changes Huntington needs! Jim stands for preserving Huntington's suburban aesthetic, fiscal responsibility, cutting government red tape, increasing transparency, enacting meaningful ethics reforms, maintaining our overburdened infrastructure, protecting our water supply and improving our quality of life -- including leaving no stone unturned when it comes to fighting the LIPA lawsuit. Jim Leonick is a family man and long-time active member of our community, who has stood with residents on the right side of the issues affecting our town. Learn more about Jim at

Janet Smitelli will bring a New Direction of transparency, administrative efficiency and cost-effective operations to the Tax Office! With 30 years under her belt as a seasoned litigator with experience in real estate law, estate administration, probate proceedings, structured settlements, lien reduction and payoff, Janet Smitelli is highly qualified to negotiate the best terms on behalf of Huntington residents to keep payment processing costs down and allow taxpayers to receive the best return on our collective investment. Janet will ensure the Tax Office is transparent, responsive and accountable to all residents' needs and requests.

Please help us ensure Supervisor Lupinacci has the team he needs to continue moving Huntington in a New Direction: On November 6th, vote Jim Leonick for Councilman and Janet Smitelli for Receiver of Taxes.

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