Nick LaLota's Congressional Primary Opponent, Democrat Michelle Bond Doesn't Even Live on Long Island!

Nick LaLota's Congressional Primary Opponent, Democrat Michelle Bond Doesn't Even Live on Long Island!

Can you imagine having the nerve to announce your candidacy to represent Long Island residents in Congress when you haven't lived on Long Island for two decades?

Not only is Michelle Bond a fake Republican, she recently arrived on Long Island to buy Lee Zeldin's open seat in Congress with Democrat money after living and working for two decades in the DC swamp.

This June, Michelle Bond became a registered voter in Suffolk County for the first time in her life, started a short-term lease on a small apartment in Port Jefferson...and held a housewarming party for her new multimillion-dollar mansion in Potomac, Maryland!

Where do you think she actually lives?

The Housewarming Party for her Maryland Mansion was on June 18 -- but this fake Republican also wants us to believe she lives on Long Island? Ok.

Listing photo for Michelle Bond's new $3,995,000 DC Beltway mansion, where she held a housewarming party on June 18, 2022.

That is correct, folks, Michelle Bond is not only bought and paid for by the same Democrats who funded Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry and radical socialists like Bernie Sanders, Ro Khanna, and Jamaal Bowman -- she has lived for the past two decades in the DC area and from the looks of it, she plans to stay there for a while...

Another listing photo of the study in Michelle Bond's newly purchased Maryland mansion.

Bond held a housewarming party at her new mansion in Potomac, Maryland on June 18. Here's the invitation - we blocked out her children's faces and her street address:

Even the phone number listed on Bond's June 1, 2022 New York State voter registration has a Washington DC area code:

Rule #1 for Congressional candidates: Have a clue of where the district is actually located.

Our Congressional District now includes the entire north shore of Suffolk County, from the east end to the Town of Huntington...but it definitely does not include West Islip.

Note to Democrat Michelle Bond: West Islip is NOT part of our Congressional District

Democrat Michelle Bond is so unfamiliar with the Congressional District in which she is running, she prominently featured a photo of West Islip -- nowhere near our Congressional District -- when she launched her campaign website in June.

Michelle Bond is deeply entrenched in the DC swamp. She is a cryptocurrency lobbyist and former Obama administration lawyer.

Long Island's priorities are not Michelle Bond's priorities. Bond wants us to believe she is one of us but as the Messenger Papers reports in their article, Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Bond — The Crypto Queen is Very Shady:

"A simple Internet search will show Bond’s secrets that prove what her intentions are as she runs for Congress. Bond has spent the last 2 years lobbying Congress for the crypto sector to achieve a self-governing status and to avoid following the rules from regulators like the SEC and Commodity Futures Trade (CFTC)."

Nick LaLota is a lifelong Long Islander, so naturally Michelle Bond wants to deceive voters into believing that she is one too. As the Messenger Papers point out in their article, Hey Crypto Queen — Long Island Is Not For Sale:

"Since 2004, Bond has lived and worked in D.C.  Suffolk County did not see a dime from Bond.  Up until announcing her run for Congress, Bond lived in the D.C. and Maryland area."

"She is using the address of her rented, tiny apartment in Port Jefferson, in a newly constructed apartment complex, while she resides with her two children and boyfriend in her multimillion-dollar mansion in Maryland.

"Why would a millionaire live in a rented apartment?"

Who exactly does Michelle Bond think she's fooling?

Share this with every Long Island Republican you know and please remember to vote for Nick LaLota in the Republican Congressional Primary on August 23.



Lifelong conservative Republican, Annapolis graduate and Navy Veteran Nick LaLota is our ONLY Republican and Conservative Party-endorsed candidate for Congress.

Nick LaLota faces a Primary Election for the Republican Congressional nomination on August 23. His opponents? Funded by the Democrat Party.


Vote Nick LaLota on August 23 (Vote Early August 13-21 or Request an Absentee Ballot)

Lifelong conservative Republican, Annapolis graduate and Navy Veteran Nick LaLota is our Republican and Conservative Party-endorsed candidate for Congress.

Nick is currently Chief of Staff to the first Republican Majority of the Suffolk County Legislature in 16 years; prior to taking on his current role, Nick served as the Republican Commissioner of the Suffolk County Board of Elections since 2015, where he made it easier to vote and harder to cheat in our elections.

Nick is a family man who has devoted over 10 years of public service to reducing the tax burden on Long Island families and businesses, and increasing funding for first responders and the number of law enforcement officers on patrol while staying under the Tax Cap.

In Congress, Nick will support policies that cut energy costs, combat inflation, and resolve the supply-chain crisis; he will oppose liberal tax hikes and wreckless spending to help working families save more. Finally, Nick will defend – not defund – law enforcement and prioritize keeping Long Island communities safe.

Learn more about Nick at

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