This past weekend, Huntington Republicans officially designated Assemblyman Chad Lupinacci as our candidate for Town Supervisor!

“I would like to officially announce that I will seek the position of Huntington Town Supervisor. The Town of Huntington is in need of a new direction to best prepare our communities and neighborhoods for the future. For too long our residents have witnessed a decline in the quality of life, constantly increasing taxes, and gang violence so rampant that it has made national news. It is time for new leadership in Town Hall.
“I am a lifelong resident of Huntington and have represented this community in a multitude of roles for over a decade. Being on the front lines of local government, I have learned that many throughout the town feel overlooked and neglected. It is time that we hold Town Hall accountable; this can only be done with transparent and ethical leadership that puts people over politics, and the residents before a politician’s pockets. I look forward to a positive, truthful campaign, and debating the many issues that face our town.”
Huntington Republican Committee Chairperson Toni Tepe has supported Assemblyman Lupinacci’s candidacy by stating, “In light of Councilman Eugene Cook’s decision to withdraw from the Supervisor’s race, I am thrilled that Chad expressed an interest in running. I will be recommending Chad Lupinacci to our executive committee. As a former Town Supervisor I know the rigors and importance of the job. We are lucky to have someone like Chad to lead the Town into the future.”


Michael Adam


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