Petition In Support of Innovative Businesses Like Uber

Petition In Support of Innovative Businesses Like Uber



Our country was built on the entrepreneurial spirit.

Our town deserves innovative & effective solutions without government getting in the way. 

But across the country -- even right here in Huntington -- taxi unions and liberal government bureaucrats are setting up roadblocks, issuing strangling regulations, implementing unnecessary red tape, and even bullying independent Uber driver-partners to try and block this innovative company from doing business.

There is an undeniable demand for Uber among town residents. Free market forces incentivize Uber to offer quick & cheap rides to their customers in a way that old-school taxis just can't match.

In today's economy, business must innovate in order to stay relevant, and our town government must support innovation if we hope to encourage more companies like Uber to set up shop in Huntington. 

We must stand up for our free market principles & economic freedom.


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