Taxin' Tom Backs Pelosi for Speaker

Taxin' Tom Backs Pelosi for Speaker

In his first roll call vote as Huntington's congressman, Taxin' Tom Suozzi showed where his loyalties lie: he backed Nancy Pelosi for Speaker of the House.


In his first opportunity to demonstrate even an ounce of independence as Huntington's new congressman, Taxin' Tom Suozzi voted along strict party lines to try and install San Francisco liberal Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House. (source: roll call no. 2)

Taxin' Tom once again demonstrated where his loyalties lie -- he's shown that he prefers to stand with liberal elites over hardworking Huntington families. Suozzi fell in line with House Democrats by voting for Nancy Pelosi, who has spent her career pushing extreme views that are out-of-step with our community.

NRCC Comment: “Long Island families can’t afford the failed tax-and-spend agenda of Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats. If Tom Suozzi votes for Nancy Pelosi for Speaker, it will immediately become clear that Suozzi can’t be trusted to stand up for the people of New York’s 3rd District.” –NRCC Spokesman Chris Pack

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