Tom Suozzi's Shameful Anti-Veteran Votes

Tom Suozzi's Shameful Anti-Veteran Votes

Tom Suozzi’s shameful anti-veteran votes continue to pile up as he perfects "Washington double-speak."


Last night Suozzi voted against providing funding to ensure the extension of the Veterans Choice Program. It provides care to more than 1.2 million veterans nationwide and gives them the freedom to choose their own health care provider.

But this is just the latest in Suozzi’s long record of voting against providing our veterans the best care possible…

  • Voted against R.1259 allowing the VA to remove or demote employees who commit misconduct.
  • Voted against R.1181 prohibiting the restriction of veteran’s 2nd Amendment rights without judicial authority.
  • Voted against 114 requiring the VA to report performance awards and bonuses that often go to employees doing a poor job.
  • Voted against 1094 cracking down on neglect and misconduct at the VA and protecting whistleblowers who come forward with complaints.

When will shameful Suozzi stop putting the interests of VA bureaucrats above the care of 25,672 veterans in his district?

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