Statement from NYGOP Chairman Nick Langworthy on the House Impeachment Vote
“Today will forever be remembered as the day when House Democrats subverted the will of the people and threw our country into turmoil to serve their own partisan interests. This sham impeachment is the weakest, thinnest, unjust attempt to remove a duly-elected President that is unprecedented in our country’s history. 
“Throughout this entire partisan spectacle, President Trump has been denied due process and Democrats have relied entirely on opinion and hearsay from individuals deeply opposed to President Trump, while ignoring hard facts and their own previous metrics for impeachment. 
“The miscarriage of justice he’s experienced in this impeachment debacle is simply the continuation of the Russia investigation, which we now can confirm was an elaborate hoax perpetrated on the American people. Neither the voters nor history will not look kindly upon this political hit job. We will be working tirelessly to give President Trump another four years, and the Democrats who went along with this sham will be held accountable.”