Stacy Colamussi

IMG_2517_-_Copy.jpgStacy Colamussi for Receiver of Taxes

Meet your 2019 Republican candidate for Receiver of Taxes, the Town's Deputy Town Clerk, Stacy Colamussi!

Stacy Colamussi is married to her husband Robert for 35 years. They met in NYC when Stacy worked at New York Telephone and Robert was a civil engineer at Metcalf and Eddy. They have four children, Jesse (32) and triplets, Samantha, Andrew and Heather (26) and they have lived in Huntington for 35 years. Several years after marrying she began her career as the first appointed Deputy in the Town Clerk’s office.

By law, the Town Clerk is the Records Management Officer and is charged with maintaining all records for the town. One of Stacy’s main responsibilities, in 1986, was to help Town Clerk Jo-Ann Raia create a Records Center to manage the inactive records of the Town of Huntington.

Over the next several years that was accomplished and the Records Center was opened. Stacy became the Records Administrator for the Town of Huntington. Over the next 25 years she and Jo-Ann worked very hard applying for many state grants to systematically improve the program.

Today, the program consists of a Records Center and the Town Clerk’s Archives. The Records Center maintains all inactive records for every Department of the Town, until they reach their state mandated date of disposition, and houses approximately 6,000-cubic-foot boxes at any given time. The Archives houses only those records which must be retained permanently and all of the Town's most historic documents. Inactive Records are received, stored and disposed of on an ongoing basis from each Department of Town. Town Clerk Jo-Ann Raia has received many awards and accolades for the Archives and the State uses the Records Management Program as a model for other local governments.

In 2013, Stacy became a Deputy in the Town Clerk's office once again still overseeing the Records Management Program as Records Administrator. She has helped prepare the Town Clerk’s budget for 33 years, manages a staff of 13-15 people, administers payroll, vacation and time off requests, and interacts with the public and all Departments of the Town on a daily basis.

Stacy has a great love of family and is a devoted mother and wife, a Certified Pastry Chef (French Culinary Institute, 1999) an artisanal bread baker, and an avid gardener, growing most of her own produce 3/4 of the year!

Help the Huntington Republican elect Stacy Colamussi and her runningmates in 2019 to keep moving Huntington in a new direction of responsible, ethical and efficient government!

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