A Closing Message from Ed Smyth

A Closing Message from Ed Smyth

Dear Neighbor,

Election Day is finally here.

I’ve walked door-to-door almost every day since June and I am so grateful I did. There is no better way to take the pulse of our community than talking to residents at their front door. I am humbled by the incredible support I have received from across the political spectrum.  Not only have I learned so much from the many residents I have spoken with over the past four months, but I also lost 15 lbs.!

The recurring theme I’ve heard from you is that you choose to live in Huntington because it is a beautiful suburban town, but the over-development that has occurred is very alarming.

As a Town Councilman, I have been outspoken on my views regarding the over-development which has overwhelmed our roads, infrastructure, parking, and environment. I am not in support of watching our town turn into a little Queens. 

During my tenure as Town Councilman:

  • We enacted term limits for all politicians in Huntington. I sponsored the resolution to make the resolution process itself more transparent to both my fellow board members and the public.
  • With bipartisan support, we protected taxpayers by resolving the decades-long LIPA litigation that threatened town-wide financial ruin.
  • We voted to increase zoning requirements for apartment buildings.
  • We invested in our neglected infrastructure: storm drains, sumps, sewers, road surfaces, boat ramps, and bulkheads. These necessary improvements have a direct, positive impact on our beaches, water quality, and other natural resources.
  • I co-sponsored the resolution to create native oyster beds in our harbors which will improve water quality by filtering out contaminants.

I will replace the failed affordable housing lottery system with an affordable housing trust fund, which will benefit far more eligible residents, rather than the few lucky lottery winners.

I am unanimously endorsed by all Suffolk County law enforcement associations.  Our quality of life is facing many threats from the extreme policies coming down from Albany and from Washington, D.C.  I do not promote drama or extreme views.  To preserve our quality of life, keep our neighborhoods safe and stop massive over-development projects, it's vitally important you make sure your voice is heard this Election Day.

I am a former U.S. Marine Corps Staff Sergeant (res.) and a small business owner on Main Street.  My wife, Coriander, and I are lifelong Huntington residents.  We chose to raise our four children here and hope they return to raise their families.  Ultimately, I am one of you.  I am a husband, father, and tax-paying citizen who wants the best quality of life, safety, and opportunity for all residents in the Town of Huntington. 

I respectfully ask for your vote on Election Day, November 2nd.

Best regards,

Edmund Smyth

Vote for Ed Smyth and his running mates: Sal Ferro & Dr. Dave Bennardo for Town Board, Andre Sorrentino for Highway Superintendent, Ray Tierney for District Attorney and our County Legislature candidates: Stephanie Bontempi, Manny Esteban, Stephen Becker and re-elect Legislator Rob Trotta!

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