Rebecca Lonardo

rebecca_lonardo.jpgRebecca Lonardo, DVM, for County Legislator, 17th LD

Dr. Rebecca Lonardo, DVM, of Huntington Station is the Republican candidate for Suffolk County Legislature, 17th Legislative District.

Dr. Lonardo was born and raised in a small town in Wisconsin and moved to Huntington Station nearly two decades ago. “When I moved to Huntington Station, it was like a dream come true and I knew instantly that this is where I wanted to put down roots and raise a family. With its rich history, diverse population, outstanding public schools, and proximity to the water and New York City, Suffolk County has something for everyone. Unfortunately, with skyrocketing taxes, gang activity, and spiraling debt, Steve Bellone and the Suffolk County Democrats are turning my dream and dreams of so many other residents of Suffolk County into a nightmare.”

As a member of the Suffolk County Legislature, Dr. Lonardo will sharply focus on Suffolk County’s ballooning debt. As reported by Newsday last year, Suffolk County’s operating debt is nearly one billion dollars and debt service payments account for $72 million in the County’s budget. On this topic, Dr. Lonardo remarked, “We are facing a fiscal crisis of historic proportions due to Steve Bellone’s inept management; we cannot solve these problems with the same tired, old policies; only bold leadership can save Suffolk County from fiscal ruin.”

Dr. Lonardo is also deeply concerned with gang activity in parts of Suffolk County. “As a mother of two, I am heartbroken when I see stories on the news about the savage killings of mere children at the hands of violent gang members. No parent should have to endure this kind of tragedy. More must be done to prevent these gangs from taking root in our communities.”

In addition to fiscal issues and public safety, Dr. Lonardo will make the environment and clean drinking water a top priority. “Pristine bodies of water are vital to Long Island’s economy, tourism, and quality of life. More must be done to safeguard these precious natural resources. Similarly, we must be proactive in protecting our drinking water. Contamination from 1,4 dioxane and other emerging contaminants is simply unacceptable,” Dr. Lonardo added.

Dr. Lonardo resides with her husband, Eliot Lonardo, their two young daughters, and numerous animals in Huntington Station.

Dr. Lonardo relishes this new challenge. “My community needs me and it is time to step up. If we do not start to undo the wrongheaded policies of Steve Bellone and the Democrats over the last seven years, the damage may be irreversible. I believe that my message and call for new leadership will resonate with the great people of the 17th legislative district.”

The 17th legislative district consists of parts of Dix Hills, Cold Spring Hills, West Hills, Huntington, Huntington Station, South Huntington, and Melville in the Town of Huntington, and North Babylon, West Babylon, Deer Park in the Town of Babylon.



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