How To Vote Absentee...Or Change Your Vote!

How To Vote Absentee...Or Change Your Vote!

Even though the FBI is poised to re-open their investigation into Hillary's secret email server, it's probably too late for Democrats to put Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders on their party's ticket...but absentee voters who cast a ballot for Clinton can still change their minds!

NOTE: If you intend to mail-in an absentee ballot application, it must be postmarked by this Tuesday, November 1st.

2)  Complete the form, using these directions:
Box 1:  Check your reason for voting absentee. 
Box 2:  Check "General Election only."  
Box 3:  Your name.   
Box 4:  Your date of birth and "Suffolk"  
Box 5:  Your street address where you are registered to vote.  Do not use a PO Box.
Box 6:  Ignore.
Box 7: Check "Mail ballot to me" and fill in the address where you want your ballot sent.
Box 8:  Sign and date.
(Ignore the request below your signature for witness to mark, etc.)

3) Mail the application(s) to Suffolk BOE, P.O. Box 700, Yaphank, NY 11980.

4) Receive your Ballot.  Your ballot will be mailed to you at the location you specified in Box 7.  Typical turnaround time is about a week.

5) Vote.  Stray marks can invalidate your ballot, so please keep it neat!  The best candidates can be found on Row B! :) 

6) Insert your ballot into the tan envelope that is provided by the BOE.  Date and sign the envelope, then seal it.  Ignore "witness to mark" section. Then Insert the tan envelope into the white envelope provided by the BOE with the following address:  Suffolk BOE, P.O. Box 700, Yaphank, NY 11980
7) Use the necessary postage and ensure it's postmarked no later than Monday, November 7th!

More than 20,000 Suffolk County voters have already cast their votes by absentee.  It's anyone's guess how many of them who voted for Hillary Clinton regret doing so after the news that the FBI is poised to re-open their investigation against the Democrat Party Nominee for President.


Generally speaking, there are TWO WAYS for a voter to CHANGE THEIR VOTE after their absentee ballot has been mailed:


1)  Vote at your polling place on Election Day.  Voters who cast a ballot at their polling place will automatically have their absentee ballot invalidated.  No further action is required!

2) Contact your local County Board of Elections and request a new absentee ballot be sent to you. For residents of Huntington, call the Suffolk County Board of Elections at 631-852-4500 and ask for the Absentee Department. Once connected, inform the Board you have already mailed in your ballot and you wish to change your vote. The Board will send you a new ballot and the last vote you cast will be the one that is counted. You must make this request no later than this Tuesday, November 1st and postmark your ballot no later than Monday, November 7th.

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