NRCC Slams Suozzi with Mobile Billboard

NRCC Slams Suozzi with Mobile Billboard

The National Republican Congressional Committee is taking Taxin' Tom Suozzi to task today with a mobile billboard pushing the liberal Democrat to support Republican efforts to reform the failing Obamacare.


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“Tell Thomas Suozzi no to Obamacare! No to single-payer healthcare!” the billboard reads.

Suozzi, who represents the 3rd Congressional District, has committed to protecting the landmark Affordable Care Act and spoken favorably of a single-payer system. But the NRCC wants to tell his North Shore constituents that those policies keep the property taxes high, spokesman Chris Pack said.

“Suozzi says he wants to get things done, so maybe he should start by easing Long Island’s skyrocketing property taxes instead of scoring brownie points with [Democratic Minority Leader Nancy] Pelosi,” Pack said in a statement.

Suozzi opposed the American Health Care Act, the Republican proposal to replace the Affordable Care Act, before it was pulled from consideration for a lack of GOP support.


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