Petrone Must Answer for Hillary Endorsement

Petrone Must Answer for Hillary Endorsement

We all know that Frank Petrone’s got a LOT to answer for -- and now, concerning his seemingly undying support for scandal-marred Hillary Clinton, Huntington residents are demanding answers.

Hillary Clinton has a two-decade history of repeatedly supporting tax increases on middle-income earners. It should come as no surprise, then, that Frank Petone was one of the first local officials to sign on to her New York campaign team. Frank Petrone’s reckless budget policies have consistently raised taxes on town residents throughout his time in office. He’s even stated publicly that the Tax Cap Act should be modified to allow for higher annual tax hikes.
Hillary has a penchant for landing herself in hot water. From Whitewater to the Clinton Foundation to Banghazi to her State Department emails, Hillary’s ethics in public office are questionable (at best) and would fit right in with Huntington Democrats’ recent ethical missteps.
Hillary Clinton is clearly unfit for public office, and so Huntington residents want to know: 
  • Does Frank Petone support Hillary’s past votes to raise taxes on the middle class?
  • Does Frank Petrone support Hillary’s view on violating religious liberty by requiring Christian corporations to participate in the failing Obamacare system?
  • Does Frank Petone agree with Hillary’s statement that government create jobs -- not corporations and small businesses?
  • Despite an open FBI investigation into her mishandling of classified national security intelligence on a private email server, does Frank Petrone trust Hillary Clinton? 


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