Chad Lupinacci Attends "State of the Chamber" Meeting

Chad Lupinacci Attends "State of the Chamber" Meeting

Assemblyman Chad Lupinacci attended the Huntington Township Chamber of Commerce's annual "State of the Chamber" meeting, hosted by the Huntington Yacht Club, to share some insight about the year to come.


“The Huntington Chamber of Commerce is a driving advocacy force in our area for the best interests of small businesses,” Lupinacci said. “During each and every Chamber of Commerce event I attend, I hear real businesses owners speak of their successes and the challenges they face. Their feedback is crucial in helping me best represent them in Albany.”

Mike Armstrong from Reclaim New York also spoke at the meeting. Reclaim New York, a non-for-profit and nonpartisan agency, is committed to government reform and accountability and advancing a statewide conversation about state and local governments and economy and how they affect New Yorkers.

“It is no secret that New York business owners are faced with many challenges; but since my election in 2012, it has been a mission of mine to support business-friendly initiatives and reject any policy that hurts ‘main street’ businesses,” said Lupinacci. “Reclaim New York continues a real conversation about government efficiency and accountability, and how all of us on Long Island are affected. I am proud to be part of a dialogue which will craft real solutions to the hurdles that business owner in our state.

“I applaud the Huntington Chamber of Commerce and Reclaim New York for using this platform to stimulate a much needed discussion about accountable and efficient government in our state,” Lupinacci said.

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