Lazy Susan Berland Refuses to Show Up to Work

Lazy Susan Berland Refuses to Show Up to Work

The very least our elected officials can do is show up when they vote to make the decisions that affect our lives. Lazy Susan Berland can't even do that.

After the Suffolk County Legislature’s five-week summer recess in August 2019, Lazy Susan Berland refused to leave her second home in Key West, Florida to attend Legislative Committee meetings in person.

Instead, Lazy Susan demanded that the Legislature change its rules and spend $40,000 of taxpayer money on technological upgrades to help her avoid returning to New York to do her job – she preferred to Skype in from Key West! Many of her colleagues publicly denounced her obnoxious self-serving demands – Lazy Susan even fought publicly with Democrat Majority Leader and Presiding Officer, Legislator DuWayne Gregory.

Asked why she can't return during her vacation for committee meetings, Berland said: "We don't go away the rest of the year." - Newsday

While other legislators showed up for work at the Suffolk County Legislature, Lazy Susan Berland finished her sixth week of summer recess in Key West, cancelling the August 27, 2019 meeting of the Veterans Committee, on which she serves as Chairperson, and this was the fourth Veterans Committee meeting Lazy Susan cancelled out of the ten meetings that were scheduled so far this year.

Lazy Susan Berland makes $100,854 as a County Legislator, expected to show up at least 54 days year-to-date as of October 12, 2019, and five weeks off wasn’t enough time off for her?

Shamed by her colleagues and the media into returning to attend the Suffolk County Legislature General Meeting on September 4th, after almost 7 weeks of summer recess, Lazy Susan Berland voted YES to giving hard-working Suffolk County residents five (5) more years of the Red Light Camera Program money-grab -- no wonder she doesn’t want to show up to look us in our faces!



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