Keith Brown Secures GOP Nomination to Run for Assembly’s 12th District

Keith Brown Secures GOP Nomination to Run for Assembly’s 12th District

The Suffolk County Republican Committee, Huntington Republican Committee and its committee members endorsed Keith Brown to run for State Assembly to fill the vacancy in the 12th Assembly District.

Brown has secured Raia’s endorsement to succeed him in the State Assembly.

“My entire professional career has been dedicated to make Long Island a better place to live. That’s why the opportunity to continue to fight for the betterment of our community in the State Assembly was one I could not pass up,” said Brown.

NoneKeith Brown started his law firm in 2008 with a handful of files and has grown it into a successful business with fourteen employees, based in Melville.  He is a graduate of SUNY Albany where he interned his final semester for NYS Senator Norman Levy, Chairman of the Transportation Committee. He graduated from Touro Law School in 1990 where he remains active having started the Touro Land Use Institute.  Before starting his law firm, he practiced litigation and was appointed to the NYS Attorney General’s office where he served as an Asst. Attorney General in the Litigation Bureau defending the State in Federal and State Courts.

“To have earned the support of the Suffolk County Republican and Conservative Committees, and the opportunity to serve the community that I love and raised my family in, is humbling.  I can’t wait to get to work to earn the support of voters across our community.”

Brown indicated the opportunity would not be possible without key support.

“I am most grateful for the full support of my family, my partners and the confidence and support of both the Republican and Conservative Parties.”

Brown also noted that the special election will be a defining moment in our state’s path moving forward.

What we’ve seen in Albany over the last year has been one-party rule with dangerous consequences.  Bail Reform has to be rolled back.  The state is billions in debt and they want to raise our taxes to fix it. They have gone too far. Too many in our community can’t afford to pursue their dreams.

“I’m running for State Assembly because we deserve a fighter who’s going to work for our community. I’m the only candidate for State Assembly who can confidently assure voters that I won’t support an agenda that threatens and compromises our community and residents.”

Brown lives in Northport with his wife Barbara of twenty-two years and their three children.

Huntington Town Clerk Andrew Raia: “I am very excited to endorse Keith Brown ESQ. as the Republican nominee for the 12th Assembly District.  I have worked with Keith for the last 20+ years and recognize when someone has a special ability to fight back against the outrageous and dangerous policies coming out of the New York State Assembly. Keith can get us to our highest ideals as a community and together we can achieve great things for our District. The 12th Assembly District is a large district encompassing three different towns: Huntington, Babylon and Islip and the issues from town to town vary and It’s important that our next representative in the Assembly recognizes those differences and treats all of the resident’s fairly and equally. Keith Brown is the right person for the job!”

*The Special Election was cancelled by Executive Order; vacant seat to be filled at General Election on November 3, 2020

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