Hon. Edmund J.M. Smyth was elected to the Huntington Town Board in 2017 and is an integral member of the first Republican majority on the Huntington Town Board in a quarter century, reversing over 20 years of Democrat neglect of our local economy, infrastructure, waterfront facilities and shorelines, and accomplishing so much more in three short years. Smyth has delivered on every 2017 campaign promise: enacting term limits, establishing ethics reforms, increasing government transparency, stopping reckless overdevelopment, preserving open space, cutting red tape, and reducing the burden on the taxpayer.

Ed Smyth, the son of two immigrants, is a lifelong resident of Huntington. Smyth practices law on Main Street in Huntington Village, has served on the Lloyd Harbor Zoning Board of Appeals and is a graduate of Huntington Leadership. Having served as a Staff Sergeant in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve, Smyth is prepared for the rigors of leadership in the Town of Huntington.

Smyth is intimately familiar with the diverse interests of Huntington, believing that with teamwork and assistance from friends – old and new – our town will make the inevitable transformation into an example other towns will look at as a model for growth. Ed and his wife Coriander are currently raising their busy family of four children in Huntington.


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