Dr. David P. Bennardo has a long career in education and he is best known for two very high-profile roles he has held in the greater Huntington education community.

In the nine years Dr. Bennardo served as the Principal of Harborfields High School, he worked to expand Advanced Placement and honors opportunities for all children by nearly 300%. Advanced Diploma rates and college scholarship awards rose to all-time highs under his leadership. Bennardo is remembered at Harborfields for throwing the totality of his energies into building a collective culture, while coining the phrase "HF Family" to characterize the unique community.

In July of 2012, Dr. Bennardo assumed the role of Superintendent of neighboring South Huntington School District. Dr. Bennardo immediately embraced the proud history and rich diversity of South Huntington and committed his district office team to opening the lines of communication and enhancing transparency within the school community. During Dr. Bennardo's time at South Huntington, Walt Whitman has been recognized as a “Top 100 American High School,” and students and staff have excelled at each level.

Dr. Bennardo was the recipient of the 2016 Public Service Award from the Suffolk County Martin Luther King, Jr. Commission, for his vision, leadership, and guidance, as well as the 2017 Boy Scouts of America Good Deed and Excellence in Education Award. Dr. Bennardo, an adjunct professor at St. John's University, lives in Greenlawn with his wife, Jill, a teacher in the Bethpage School District, and their children, Tiana, Connor, and Jen.

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