Catherine Corella

For Suffolk County Legislator (17th L.D.)

My name is Catherine Corella and I am honored to introduce myself. I was born and raised by immigrant parents in California. My mother is Cuban and my father is Mexican and I've lived in New York since 2006. I am the proud mother of 5 children and 10 beautiful grandchildren.

Since an early age, I have been a natural leader and community advocate. And since I have lived on Long Island, I have done many things to contribute to the needs of our growing community. I started the Deer Park Chamber of Commerce, sit on the board of Freebird Domestic Violence Organization, Volunteered for Deer Park Community Association, was the Secretary of Deer Park/North Babylon Kiwanis, among many other things. One of the most recent highlights of my life was running for the Town Of Babylon Town Clerk. Even though I did not win, I was very proud of my race and everything I learned. It also created a strong desire for me to do more and that is why I decided to run again.

I've worked in retail environments, sales positions, clericalm management and human resources and those jobs; along with my life skills have provided me with the tools to adapt to any situation. I am always eager to learn but most of all - to listen. I feel our community needs representation that understands its diversity. I am a Latina, female, mother, grandmother, businesswoman who is not afraid to speak on behalf of those who need a voice. I also have the temperament and understanding that has helped me to succeed in many other ventures and - I believe - will represent the Republican Party well in my campaign for public office.