A 2021 Victory Message from Huntington Republican Party Chairman Tom McNally

A 2021 Victory Message from Huntington Republican Party Chairman Tom McNally

Record turnout on Election Day 2021 ushered in an historic victory for Huntington taxpayers and families.

Supervisor-elect Ed Smyth is a leader who has worked to improve public safety, end unchecked overdevelopment, and improve critical infrastructure while holding the line on property taxes. With his new partners on the Town Board, Councilmen-elect Dr. Dave Bennardo and Sal Ferro, Ed Smyth will ensure that protecting our suburban quality of life is the top priority for town government.

Huntington voters also made a tremendous choice by electing Andre Sorrentino as our new Highway Superintendent. Andre will bring experience and an extraordinary ability to achieve results to the Highway Department.

A huge red wave swept both Huntington and Suffolk County in 2021.

Voters resoundingly elected Ray Tierney as Suffolk's new District Attorney with a clear mandate to seek out and end county corruption. For the first time in 16 years, we flipped control of the Suffolk County Legislature to a Republican majority ā€“ another game-changer for taxpayers on Long Island.

Legislator Rob Trotta held on to his seat in the 13th District, Stephanie Bontempi turned a blue seat red as our new County Legislator in the 18th District, and while absentee ballots have yet to be counted, Manny Esteban has appeared to have flipped the 16th District red!

Voters resoundingly rejected the Democratic propositions that would have:

  1. weakened independent redistricting and allowed Democrat gerrymandering,
  2. allowed same day voter registration, inviting election fraud and abuse, and
  3. allowed no excuse absentee voting and ballot harvesting.

Every single one of our candidates fought hard for the team and put their best into the campaign, along with our dedicated Committee Members and volunteers ā€“ this was an extraordinary team effort. We proved on Election Day that we are Stronger Together.

As the Huntington Republican Party Chairman, I am proud of our success on Election Day and Iā€™m extremely optimistic for the future of our town.


Tom McNally
Huntington Republican Committee

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