Weaken the Power These Democrats Have Over Your Life

Weaken the Power These Democrats Have Over Your Life

These Democrats want total control over our lives -- and they almost have it, with Democrat one-party rule at the Federal, State and County levels -- but we can weaken their power with your support. Help the Huntington Republican Committee stop them cold and retain local Republican control before the Democrats' disastrous, nonsensical, and sometimes deadly policies permanently destroy the New York we know and love.

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We are the official campaign arm for the Republican Party in the Town of Huntington on Long Island -- and our Republican Town Committee is the last thing standing between you and total Democrat control. These past several years have seen historic victories for our local party:

  • We delivered an overwhelming local Republican victory in 2016 in the Town of Huntington, the first time since 1988 that a Republican Presidential candidate won Suffolk County when the rest of New York voted blue.
  • In 2017, we won Republican control of Huntington Town Hall after a quarter century of Democrat one-party rule and mismanagement.
  • Our new Republican Town Board majority has delivered on every campaign promise: ethics reforms, term limits, stopping reckless overdevelopment, reducing the burden on the taxpayer and more.
  • In 2020, we secured two seats in the New York State Legislature to fight against the extremism coming out of Albany and the Governor's office.

In 2021, we must retain our recently gained Republican control of the Town of Huntington, remove Democrats from power in Suffolk County and fight back against Democrat one-party rule at the State and Federal levels! Contribute now to strengthen our chances of ensuring Republican victory, your freedoms and our future.

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