Election 2020: Vote Republican and Vote NO on the Back of the Ballot

After voting for Donald J. Trump and Mike Pence, and all of our candidates from George Santos for Congress to State Senate candidates Ed Smyth (SD5) and Mario Mattera (SD2), and State Assembly candidates Jamie Silvestri (AD10) and Keith Brown (AD12), you must flip your ballot over to vote NO on two propositions.

Even Newsday is telling us to vote NO to Suffolk County Democrats' shameless power grab and theft from the clean water fund on the back of the ballot --

  • PROP 1: VOTE NO to giving Lazy Susan Berland and the Democrat-controlled Legislature 4-year terms (currently we have the opportunity to throw them out of office every 2 years. Plus, we already HAVE an Executive Office with a longer term that ensures continuity of government.)
  • PROP 2: VOTE NO! Legislator Robert Trotta is asking us to help him stop Bellone and the Democrats from stealing MORE money from the Clean Water fund, $250 million!!

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