Democrat Corruption in the Town of Huntington: A Dumpster Full of ONLY Republican Lawn Signs

Democrat Corruption in the Town of Huntington: A Dumpster Full of ONLY Republican Lawn Signs


This photo was taken today, October 28, 2017, at the Town of Huntington recycling facility. Republican or Democrat nobody wants a government using its resources to try to rig an election. The Town of Huntington has had a policy for decades that when political signs were placed on public roadways they would be picked up by town employees who would bring them to the Town Recycling Plant. Once there the candidates could come and pick up their signs that had been collected.

This year the Democrats (and more particularly Tracey Edwards) have used taxpayer dollars to purposely pick up Republican signs and leave Democrat signs alone. A town vehicle was witnessed stopping along Pulaski Road and picking up Chad Lupinacci signs and leaving Tracey Edwards signs in place. Given that Tracey Edwards has numerous family members working for the town in the department responsible for picking up the signs this is not surprising.

The brother of one of our candidates went to the Recycling Plant to pick up his brother's signs. When he got there he was not permitted to take his signs and worse - when he looked in the dumpster there he saw that the Town had only picked up Republican signs. This picture is worth a thousand words.

Putting aside how anyone feels about political signs, politics, Chad Lupinacci or Tracey Edwards - the government should not be choosing sides and expending taxpayer money to choose one candidate over another. After 24 years of one party control - it is time to move Huntington in a New Direction. November 7th, please vote Chad Lupinacci, Edmund Smyth, Jim Leonick and John Clark. Stop corruption, enact term limits, add transparency, vote to take Huntington in a New Direction!

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